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Famous for their simplicity, utility, and beauty. Scandinavian homes have a pure, pared-backed style that is centred around warm functionality, clean lines, flawless craftsmanship, natural colours and materials. Everything we do, we do with great respect and love for nature. It makes the core and soul of every piece of furniture and accessory we produce. In our designs we strive for excellence, constantly seeking stunning new forms and unique materials, providing functionality and extraordinary character.

Scandinavian Life & Design

Scandinavian life and design is all about simplicity, functionality and a focus on natural materials. This aesthetic has its roots in the Nordic countries of Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but it has become popular all over the world.

Scandinavian design is often described as “less is more.” This philosophy is reflected in the clean lines and uncluttered look of Scandinavian interiors. Furniture is designed to be functional and comfortable, without being overly ornate.

Scandinavian living is all about enjoying the simple things in life. This might mean taking a walk in the forests or enjoying a cup of coffee with friends. Whatever it is, it should be enjoyed to the fullest!

What topics do we write about in our blog? Here you can read about Scandinavian style, design, our products, woodwork, wood maintenance, handcrafting by SFD Furniture Design and much more! Take your coffee cup and enjoy a few minutes of quality reading.

SFD Furniture Design

Handmade oak furniture and indoor plants. How to improve everyday positive life and relieve stress

Handmade oak furniture and indoor plants. How to improve everyday positive life and relieve stress

Indoor plants and oak furniture can help relieve stress The seemingly ordinary human need to maintain a relationship with the world of nature has been recognized as a socially important phenomenon that has been called biophilia. It manifests itself in many areas of...

What makes our furniture truly unique? Discover the oak wood features

What makes our furniture truly unique? Discover the oak wood features

The natural features of wood give each piece of furniture a unique look. Each product made by hand by SFD is one of a kind. We can say that nature has left its signature on it in the form of unusual patterns.
From the following article, you will learn what the different oak wood features are called and how they are produced.

Does design cheat us

Does design cheat us

Does design cheat us? What does design really mean for me? ... a collection of knowledge, experience and predictions that I implement into my work and then give it to the world for evaluation. However, the world most often judges it in a completely different way than...



A passion for beauty of natural landscapes and an inspiration of Scandinavian design are two key factors which shape the philosophy of SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign. In processes of design and production of the furniture, we put great emphasis on quality and...

Customer service

Customer service

Our philosophy bases on two important pillars: professionalism and high quality. We follow these values not only during a design or production process, but also during our contact with customers. Their satisfaction is our aim which we want to reach in any online or...



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