Delivery SFD
Delivery SFD

SFD Furniture Design Ordering and Delivery

We care about the quality of our services and also provide delivery straight to your Home. By ordering SFD Furniture Design products, you confirm the possibility of bringing the ordered furniture (in size stated in the offer) into your apartment – through the door, the stairs and the staircase.

Short guide from placing an order to receiving your product.

Quality counts
✔ When you buy in our shop you can rest assured that the furniture will arrive safely directly at your Home. Caring about the comfort and satisfaction of customers we inform you about every stage of the process.

Time counts
✔ Our customers can rest assured that the ordered furniture will soon be in their homes. We know your time is valuable, and treat this aspect as our priority.

Price counts
✔ The delivery price includes bringing the furniture straight to your Home. We deliver our furniture in cooperation with our partner transport company. The delivery personnel are familiar with our products and our high standards. They will carefully bring the table to your home or apartment.

STEP by STEP, placing the order and delivery process.


STEP 2 : Your solid oak dining table production

  1. The production of your table or other furniture piece begins once we have received your payment and it is confirmed in our account.
  2. The delivery time is usually 6-8 weeks. All our furniture are handmade. Each product is made to order. Each product is made with individual attention. Our mission is to create practical, beautiful and natural-looking furniture.
  3. After confirming the order details, the design of your table is handed over to our skilled craftsmen. They carefully select the appropriate wood for the tabletop, glue, trim, shape, and treat it with the right finishes. Then, they skillfully weld the table frame and bring all the components together.
  4. During this time, we plan the delivery and send you a message with a proposed delivery date, usually around 2 weeks in advance. This gives everyone enough time to prepare and accommodate the delivery in their plans.
  5. Then the time comes to prepare the table for a trip, for delivery to your Home. The table is carefully protected during transportation and delivery. We prioritize environmental sustainability, so we use only the necessary amount of packaging materials. We are committed to giving our packaging materials a second life, which is why we are registered with Reclay and Leko.

STEP 3 : Your oak dining table transportation

  1. We have our dedicated transportation service (a trusted transport company) throughout Europe. They communicate in English.
  2. Our delivery personnel are familiar with our products and will carefully bring the table to your home or apartment, ensuring it arrives safely.
  3. If you reside in a country outside the European Union, we will take care of all the export-import formalities for you, so you can simply relax and await the delivery of your eagerly anticipated furniture totally relaxed.
  4. If your country is not listed for delivery, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions and do our best to assist you.

STEP 4 : Bringing your oak table to your Home

  1. Please prepare yourself for the delivery (make sure there are no unnecessary obstacles on the way e.g. blockades, cupboards, curtain rails, lamps, hanging clothes, etc.).
  2. With your agreement, the transport company will unpack the table. Then, you will receive the documents to sign to confirm that the received furniture complies with the order, the quality fulfills your expectations, and the delivery process went well.
  3. The transport company has the possibility to take back the unnecessary packaging. Please just let them know. They will take care about it.
  4. After receiving your furniture, please take time to carefully read the recommendations provided in the product card. It is crucial and helpful to know how to take care of the oak wood and ensure its longevity.
  5. Now it’s time for your first cup of coffee or tea

Wishing you many fantastic moments with SFD Furniture Design!