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MÅNE WHITE round oak dining table
MÅNE OVAL solid oak extendable dining table
TRÄHUS spruce solid wood coffee table
ALASKA modern oak dining table
MÅNE WHITE round extendable dining table

Build your own unique story with the handmade furniture from SFD



my name is Artur. I am the founder and designer of the SFD Furniture Design brand. Our team works every day to make the most unique and beautiful furniture, including excellent handmade oak tables. Please make yourself right at Home and contact me if you have any questions.

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Artur Przedzienkowski SFD

Handmade Furniture Design

 Great Instead Of Big

We are so proud to be a small and unique furniture manufacturer.

SFD Furniture Design is based on the noblest of natural materials – wood, which we treat with the utmost respect. We create solid handmade wood furniture inspired by Scandinavia in a timeless style, that can give the interiors a sense of coziness and charm. Our wood furniture is produced in small quantities, using only specially selected pieces of the material, as every piece of wood is as unique as a person’s fingerprint. We emphasize the natural features of wood and its beautiful imperfections, using the high-quality tools to ensure exceptional craftsmanship. This approach allows us to uncover unique patterns of wood grain and texture. Thanks to this, our customers get beautiful furniture, each of which is different and unique – these features are the best ads for our products. Handcrafted furniture is a solution that you will certainly appreciate and find a place for them in your home.

Bespoke and sustainable solid wood furniture

The uniqueness of our wood furniture is largely the result of its manual production by the most skilled craftsmen. Each product undergoes a careful wood selection process. This ensures the uniqueness and individuality of the furniture. 100% of our collection is made in Poland by local small manufacturers, who value natural and sustainable production. The wood we use is FSC certified. The FSC label provides a powerful link between the responsible production and consumption of forest products, bringing together environmental, social, and economic interests in a balanced way to work towards sustainable solutions. Thanks to this, when you decide to buy our handmade furniture, you get an excellent product, created in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

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Kungsleden Sweden

Handmade furniture in harmony with Scandinavian nature and lifestyle

Scandinavian, simple design and natural raw oak finish

SOL Minimalist boho style dining table with raw oak effect

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All comments from satisfied customers come directly from our store. Each review is verified and confirmed by the purchase of one of SFD’s handcrafted wooden furniture.

MÅNE OVAL black/white solid oak extendable dining table-reviews

Elaine, LU

I recently purchased a custom-made table from SFD furniture and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. From start to finish, the seller was extremely communicative and helpful, answering all of my questions and accommodating my custom dimensions. The delivery process was smooth and on time, and the table arrived in perfect condition. The craftsmanship is impressive and the table looks absolutely beautiful in my home. I especially love that it’s extendable, which is a great feature. Overall, I would highly recommend SFD furniture to anyone looking for high-quality, handmade furniture. The level of customer service and attention to detail is truly exceptional.
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FJÄRIL BLACK round non-/extendable oak table-reviews

Susanne, DE

The table is wonderful. I have never experienced such perfect delivery. There was even a ribbon on the table.
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FJÄRIL Herringbone Perlgold-reviews

Liz, UK

Hi Artur and the team, I wanted to say a huge thank you for your excellent work with my bespoke table. It’s absolutely gorgeous; the oak grain is amazing and the colours are exactly what I wanted. It looks lovely in my open plan area and nicely compliments the other furniture and decor. I’ve tested out the extending mechanism and that works superbly. Also, your delivery driver was really great. A brilliant customer experience, I’m very happy!!
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MÅNE WHITE II round non-/extendable table-reviews

Doris, DE

Hello, I am totally enthusiastic about the table and from the design to the delivery! I would order from you again anytime. Thank you for the gift and the kind words. I’m totally enthusiastic. I wish you a Merry Christmas.
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SLICE ROUND non-/extendable round table with raw oak effect

Marzenna, PL

I am so happy with my new oak table. I ordered it just 3 weeks ago, and didn’t expect to receive it before Christmas. It was the best Christmas gift ever. My new table is simply stunning, good quality and design. I recommend SFD Furniture as a professional supplier with a high focus on their customers. Thank you, Artur and the team. You made my Christmas this year!
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FJÄRIL WHITE round non-/extendable oak table

Christine, DE

Totally nice seller, the shipping and the service around it were really exceptional!
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