Solid oak wood tables: Quality & Materials

Discover what makes our solid oak wood furniture really unique!

Solid oak furniture made to last
Solid oak furniture
Solid oak furniture that lasts for many decades

Solid oak furniture made to last

Designing and manufacturing quality solid oak furniture that lasts for many decades is our mission – every time we create new designs at SFD.

If something is designed to last a long time or can be easily repaired, the likelihood of being thrown away is reduced and you may even save money in the long run so you don’t have to buy a replacement part. The environmental impact of producing two items versus one should always be considered when choosing a new solid oak table.

Natural sustainable materials

The oak wood we use is certified. The FSC certificate provides a strong link between responsible oak wood furniture production and consumption of forest products, bringing together environmental, social, and economic interests in a balanced way to work towards sustainable solutions.

For the impregnation of our wood, we only use wood oils of natural origin.
We are fully accountable for every aspect and element of our work, from start to finish, ensuring that everything is taken care of before, during, and even after the product is delivered (LINK).

Certified solid wood
Natural sustainable material
Furniture inspired by Scandinavia
Solid oak wood tables
Timeless design furniture

Timeless design furniture

In SFD we design and create solid oak wood furniture inspired by Scandinavia in a timeless style that can give the interiors a sense of cosiness and charm.

Our main principles that we follow when designing new solid oak wood tables and other furniture:

✔ Simple and uncomplicated aesthetics – purity of form, functionality and timeless solutions
✔ Elegant minimalism wrapped in simple forms
✔ Natural materials, which makes it associated with ecology and nature
✔ Colors – the use of basic, subdued colors
✔ Functionality – that is using only basic elements, ensuring harmony

Properties of solid oak wood

The natural features of oak wood give each piece of solid oak furniture a unique look. Each piece of furniture made by hand by SFD is one of a kind. We can say that nature has left its signature on it in the form of unusual patterns. Solid oak wood is a truly natural product, each piece is unique in structure and colour. Ray fleck, knots or heartwood stains are an integral part of our countertops or shelves. Fine branches, cracks, intergrown areas and merging structures underline the materials’ authenticity.

Get to know us better and read an article about the characteristics of the wood we use to create our tables and furniture (LINK).

handmade oak bookcase wood features
Wood features on oak table top
Hardwood stains on ALASKA oak dining table
Solid wood furniture care and maintenance
Oiled table cleaning and oiling
Wood furniture maintenance

Solid wood furniture care and maintenance

It should be remembered that the oak tabletop should be properly cared for and the oiling process should be repeated once in a while.

Because wood is a natural material that absorbs and gives off moisture – room humidity plays a very important role in maintaining its good quality.
We encourage you to read the article on the difference between oiled and varnished wood (LINK) and what daily care of oiled wood looks like (LINK).

Oak furniture warranty

We accompany you and remain at your disposal every step of the way, striving to assist you in making the best decision for yourself and ensuring smooth order fulfilment. Our priority is for the product you choose to become the heart of your home and meet your expectations. That’s why we joyfully respond to your questions whenever they arise.

Our products are covered by warranty with terms and conditions as per the European Union regulations.

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Oak furniture delivery

Oak furniture delivery service

By ordering our products, you can enjoy delivery directly to your Home.

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing, please ensure that the table will be possible to bring in. It will be delivered to you assembled and does not require on-site assembly.

If you’re curious about the entire process from placing an order to receiving your awaited table, we invite you to read the information here (LINK).

If you have any additional questions, we are at your disposal. We’ll be happy to answer your inquiries.