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Daily cleaning of oil-treated wood tables – how to clean wood tables?

Daily cleaning of oil treated wood tables

Oil-treated wooden furniture is very resistant to dust and water and small scratches and stains are not easily visible. The wood absorbs the oil, creating a soft surface that protects the wood and makes it both dirt and water-repellent. Oil-treated wood develops a natural patina that becomes more beautiful over time.

How to clean a wood table? Best way to clean oak table.

TIP 1. – How to wipe down the wood table?

Wipe the oiled wood table with a clean, dry cloth. We recommend not using damp cloths on oil-treated surfaces if possible. If you cannot remove stains with a dry cloth, use a soft cloth wrung out firmly in clean water. Immediately afterwards wipe again with a dry cloth. Always wipe in the longitudinal direction of the wood grain.

Claening oiled tables

TIP 2. – How to clean a solid wood table from heavy dirt?

If the surface of the wooden table is particularly dirty, you can add soap flakes (¼ dl) to the clean water (5 liters) or alternatively use any cleaning agent that has been specially developed for oil-treated surfaces. Once a surface has been washed, it should be pulled back with oil according to the instructions below.

Cleaning oiled wood tables

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TIP 3. – Warning: Do not use chemicals to clean the wooden tabletop!

Never use chemicals, scouring sponges, wire wool or similar items as they will damage the surface. Never use pure linseed oil for wooden furniture.

Clean dining and kitchen table at your fingertips

Did cleaning the wooden table cause you problems? By following our advice, you can be sure that your oiled oak table will remain clean and always look exemplary. What’s more, by using our tips, you won’t damage the table’s delicate surface and will ensure that it remains in excellent condition for years to come.

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