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Black oak table top. Let`s learn its story!

Black oak wooden table tops. Let's learn its story

If you are looking for a really special table, a black or chocolate oak tabletop is a great choice. It is perfect for industrial interiors like a loft, restaurants or modern dining rooms and kitchens. The dark tabletop and sharp black metal corpus are  contrasting elements in bright, minimalist interiors. If you are interested in how we managed to achieve such a coloring effect and what the shortened technological process looks like, I invite you to read the article.

Black oak dining table – where did the idea come from?

Maybe I should start from the beginning – where did the idea for tables with dark oak tops come from? Well, the inspiration for the first model which was the BASIC BLACK dining table was the desire to use a 100% natural black oak with beautiful dark coloring. The wood of this type is characterized by the fact that is underwater for many years. This gives it such a unique character. Unfortunately, it also has huge disadvantages – it is difficult to access and very expensive. We decided that we will achieve a similar effect at a much lower cost while maintaining a very high quality of the tabletops.

Natural black bog oak
Natural black bog oak
Natural black bog oak
Natural black oak

The process of creating the top of the BASIC BLACK oak table or the EM Black wooden table in the initial phase does not differ from regular tops in natural brown wood color. The top is made of oak boards glued together and then cut and sanded. The main difference is that the wood is soaked in wood stain – a special black pigment – before oiling. It penetrates quite deeply into the structure of the wood and permanently stains it. The final step is the application of several layers of natural wax oil on the prepared top, which protects and preserves the wood.

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What are the differences between black-painted tables and black-stained table tops?

The wood stain penetrates deeply into the structure of the wood so that it will never spruce off or fade like paint. It is also possible to spot-renew the stained table in case of damage. In order to restore a painted table top to its state before the damage, it is necessary to de facto repaint the whole thing from scratch. Another advantage is the unique structure of the wood and natural discoloration, which the stain shows. Such a worktop also ages beautifully which gives it a unique character.

Custom made black oak dining table with bench
Handmade black oak dining table with bench
Custom made black oak dining table with bench in customer`s home in Ireland

Black oak tables in the SFD Furniture Design range

Unique black wooden tables, created by hand in front of experienced craftsmen, are available in our shop. For their production, we use the highest quality wood, which guarantees durability and solidity. We encourage you to browse our range of black dining tables and choose a product that will particularly captivate you.

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