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SFD takes care of High-End and Timeless Design, Lifestyle and Nature, making the best handmade sustainable furniture. “We design unique tables and we love it… however, our main goal is to give you furniture which inspires you to create the most beautiful moments in your life with your family, friends and special ones.”

Solid oak furniture – when the passion becomes a way of living

When we talk about solid oak furniture, we are not simply referring to a type of wood, but to a way of living. This is because solid oak furniture becomes a passion for those who choose it. It is not simply a case of finding a piece of furniture that we like and then buying it. It is about finding the perfect piece of furniture to complement our Home and lifestyle. It is about choosing furniture that is built to last and that will age gracefully. When we choose solid oak furniture, we make a statement about our taste and style. We are saying that we appreciate quality and that we are willing to invest in furniture that will stand the test of time. Solid oak furniture is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. It is the kind of furniture that we will be proud to hand down to future generations. As a way of living, solid oak furniture has been around for centuries. It is a passion that is shared by many people who love its timeless beauty and durability. Our beautiful furniture is “dressed” in a pure, minimalistic, and nature-inspired style, that we developed in Scandinavia where the brand SFD Furniture Design was born.

SFD Furniture Design Family: Ewa, Artur and their son Wiktor
Kungsleden Sweden
Måne Black solid oak dining table

Nordic design solid oak furniture & our story

Hi, it’s Ewa and Artur SFD Furniture Design founders. Traveling around Scandinavia provided us with great motivation to act, we were only looking for a way to implement inspiration and ideas into life. The Scandinavian style came to the answer. We were intrigued by its genesis, practical use, and conditions that influence the lives of the inhabitants of the Nordic countries. This style is characterized by sublime simplicity and functionality, it is devoid of unnecessary ornaments and distracting elements. Stylish products harmonize with the spaces in which they are located, without distracting from the beauty of the surroundings and without distracting users. We wanted to create products that will affect the quality of life of recipients and will be the result of the synergy of the two mentioned factors: natural landscape and a sophisticated design style. We decided to use our creative intentions to design and manufacture solid oak furniture. This is how the SFD Furniture brand was born.

Bespoke furniture inspired by nature

We are landscape architects by education and have always been in love with nature – it was our great passion and unlimited source of inspiration. This feeling of defenselessness against the forces of nature and the beauty of the landscape changed our perception of the world in a short time and directed our sense of aesthetics and sensitivity. We felt a strong need to transform experienced impressions and emotions into something material. Solid wood furniture we create, we do with great respect and love for nature. It makes the core and soul of every piece of furniture and accessory we produce.

Swedish landscape
Handmade oak table top
Herringbone table top
BASIC TRE II solid oak table_SFD Furniture Design
solid oak table BASIC TRE
solid oak modern table BASIC TRE

Handmade solid wood furniture

Based on our passion and knowledge, we create solid wood furniture that stands out from other products. SFD furniture is a product that has unique natural features, and each of our handmade pieces of furniture is unique. The features that make our solid wooden furniture original are wood grain, creating unique patterns or wood color, as well as beautiful imperfections of natural materials, thanks to which our furniture surprises with a timeless style. In our designs we strive for excellence, constantly seeking stunning new forms and unique materials, providing functionality and extraordinary character. All of our products and the details are handcrafted. Hard work and high precision bring out the natural beauty of the materials. Discover the unique designs and beauty of Scandinavian-style handmade furniture SFD Furniture Design!

Oak furniture & our values

Our work is guided by the pursuit of promoting values like respect for nature, work as a life passion, design inspired by Scandinavia, and most important being with loved ones and creating a home atmosphere where we can always calm down the mind and body. We put these values into every piece of solid oak furniture that we make to help our customers to create their own, unique interiors that feels like Home.

FJÄRIL WHITE solid oak dining table
SOL oak dining table
SOL minimalist style dining table
Welcome to our family
Founders of SFD Furniture Design Warsaw Ptak Expo
Artur Przedzienkowski SFD

Welcome to our family

SFD Furniture Design is not just about furniture! …Rather the values and uniqueness of the people who make up this brand.

There’s something special about products that come from a family-owned brand. Perhaps it’s the care that goes into each product, or the attention to detail. At SFD Furniture Design, we are all family members. This makes our solid wood furniture even more unique. However, to provide furniture with the highest quality and reliability, in our ranks there are skilled craftsmen and enthusiasts for whom designing furniture and creating it is a pure pleasure. Therefore, we handmade furniture with the utmost respect for nature, making every effort to ensure that it offers great design and remains in harmony with nature. Our skilled craftsmen feel satisfied with each new piece of furniture created and we are all happy that our passion and furnishings are becoming more and increasingly popular!

Get to know us better!

CEO SFD Furniture Design
He constantly keeps searching, gets up very early every day to find answers to millions of questions, travels, designs and creates – constantly on the move.   
Artur P – Designer, maker and founder of SFD.
“Three things that lead me through the path of life and design are simplicity, liberty of movement and journey. Without them I have never reached the goal and sense of true happiness…”
SFD Furniture Design Team
SFD Furniture Design Team
SFD Furniture Design
A person who sees things invisible to others, details, values and solutions ignored by the whole team. In this way she often helps in finding creative ideas. She is a person with a big heart and also bakes a delicious cinnamon cake.
Ewa – Curator and founder of SFD
“Like every woman I love warm, cozy, full of happiness HOME – Welcome HOME “
SFD Furniture Design
“Insane” man, extremely concentrated, closed in his world. But he is also able to look at the general view, this ability has helped to safe many important projects.
Mariusz – IT
“Black or Latte? Of course black”
Team foto
SFD Team Ewa J.
A creative soul with lots of positive energy.
Ewa J – SEO Copywriter & Content creator. Voice & branding of SFD
“I see what is invisible to others and pay attention to details. I love nature, dogs, plants and warm coffee in the morning. And freshly baked cinnamon rolls with fika. I lived in Sweden and I try to pass on my experience of living in this country through my work at SFD. Writing a blog and taking care of video materials in SFD feed my artistic mind, and I hope that I will also “infect” you with Scandinavia and sensitivity to beauty.”
Hania- team SFD
She is an enthusiastic and devoted person who is passionate about what she does. She is always willing to lend a helping hand for any ecological initiative.
Hania M – graphics & programing
“I adore telling my guests lifestories of my funiture pieces, plants, decoration elements… I simply believe they have a unique energy, even soul. I respect them and it’s always nice to stay in a respected surrounding.”
SFD Team - Hania
Tad wood craftsman SFD Furniture Design
An artistic soul, full of emotions and feelings, every centimeter of wood has value and great meaning for him, Cat – Czarek and dog Pluto are his support in everyday work.
Tad – woodworker
“I take pride in my work as a craftsman. When I take a piece of wood and turn it into something new, it’s a gratifying feeling.”
slawek metalworker SFD Furniture Design
A harmonious personality and a character as strong as iron. He treats his instruments as if they were his own children.
Sławek – ironsmith
“A man who requires concentration – cannot be disturbed at work.”