SFD Furniture Design FAQ

Ewa SFD Furniture Design

How long does it take to make my dream modern solid oak table?
Our furniture is handmade. Estimated production and delivery time is up to 5-8 weeks. We make every effort to deliver your order as soon as possible.
How will my furniture be delivered?
By using our verified delivery services, you can rest assured that your modern solid oak table will arrive safely. We take care to secure the furniture during transport and then to carefully carry them to your apartment. By ordering SFD products, a customer confirms a possibility of bringing the ordered furniture (in size stated in the offer) into the apartment — through a door, stairs and a staircase.
Can I order my individual design? SURE!
In order to meet your expectations, we offer not only the possibility of modifying product sizes, but also designing and realizing fully new, individual projects.  It is possible after a prior contact with us and agreement on the details. There is also a possibility to match the wood color of the furniture on the basis of a wood sample sent to us, or in some cases, on the photo. We can provide 3D product visualizations and technical drawings as well. Feel free to contact us here or email us for more details.
Can I get a free wood sample?
Yes, of course! Just contact us here and fill in your contact details and delivery information. We will be happy to deliver samples for you at no cost 🙂
Could you help me choose the right piece of furniture?
If you are not sure which frame color, wood color or product to suit your interior, feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you and answer any questions.
What is the difference between modern solid oak table – BASIC TRE/TRE II and BASIC NIO/NIO II ?
BASIC NIO / BASIC TRE tables have a structured oak top with an overhang, whereas BASIC NIO II / BASIC TRE II tables do not have an overhang and are made of smooth oak wood.   Overhang demonstration  of SFD dining tables
What is the difference between structured and smooth table tops?
Structured table tops are treated with a special process of mechanical aging of the wood surface, based on the removal of its soft parts. This creates characteristic grooves in the wood. Smooth tabletops, on the other hand, are free from the effect of aging. Soft parts of the wood are not removed. The surface is sanded and straight prepared for oiling.
Is there customer feedback available along with pictures of the furniture they made?
Yes of course, you can find the latest pictures of tables ordered by our customers along with comments on our Gallery page.
I have more questions…
We’ll be happy to answer them. Feel free to contact us  or email us.