What type of wooden top should I choose? Structured or smooth?

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Being on the beach you will certainly noticed the branches lying there thrown by the sea. This is a perfect example of wood structured naturally by sand, wind and water – in other words – erosion. In our designs of oak or spruce tops we do achieve a similar effect. For this purpose, for months of trials and errors, we have developed an authorial method of structuring the wood and giving it a unique character.

What we do is a rediscovering natural beauty of wood, its individual features and imperfections. We express this in our designs. Often, bringing our vision to life is a difficult and complex process, but we also understand that it is a continuous cycle of our development in achieving perfection.

Below we would like to present the effects of our work. We try not only to show the differences between smooth and structured wood but also to present our path of development in what we do.

Deep grooves in the structured wood used in Virkerå and Trähus coffee tables.

Raw wood has been carefully but surely combined with other top quality materials, emphasizing its natural features, discolorations and imperfections:

Virkerå coffee table

With its unique texture and materials used, the Trähus coffee table introduces an element of nature into the room, at the same time it “grows” into the identity of the interior and becomes its integral element.

On the basis of the experience described above, together with the team we have also developed a method of structuring the tops of dining tables. The difference is significant and consists only in a gentle ageing of the wood surface and oiling it with high quality natural oil. On the basis of our many years of experience, such prepared table tops prove themselves well in everyday use. There is also no problem with accumulation of contaminants in the grooves. Smooth tabletops, on the other hand, are free from the effect of aging. Soft parts of the wood are not removed. The surface is sanded and straight prepared for oiling.

In the pictures below we would like to show the effects of our work on dining tables:

Micro grooves on the structured oak table tops

Smooth wood top on Måne White extendable dining table

Structured wood top on Basic Tre oak dining table

Charming, simple form and functionality, natural materials and raw wood – this is how furniture with soul is made. Thanks to them Scandinavian interiors emanate warmth and cosy atmosphere. In our work we try to never forget about it. We create furniture in Scandinavian style for people who want to feel special in their home.

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