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 In our descriptions we use specialized terms for table construction parts. We understand perfectly well that these may be terms not understood by our readers. Below we present a kind of glossary describing the construction and operation of the most important structural elements of solid wood table construction that we produce entirely by hand at SFD Furniture Design.

Table tops on rectangular models

The table top is the most important element of the table. At SFD we have developed our own method of joining the table top with a metal frame. In this way we have eliminated the need to use the so called apron, which is a wooden element under the table top strengthening the whole structure. Thanks to this procedure tables like BASIC TRE, BASIC NIO or BLACK FOREST have gained an elegant, minimalist silhouette.

Clean and minimalist construction of BLACK FOREST dining table.

It is also worth mentioning two variations of tops, which we offer in our tables. NIO/TRE s series models have overhanging tops, while NIO II/TRE II has no overhang, and the top is flush with a metal frame.

Table top with overhang on BASIC TRE dining table.

Table top with overhang on BASIC NIO dining table.

Table top without overhang on BASIC NIO II dining table.


Extension solutions

In the case of rectangular extendable tables, there are 2 ways of enlarging the wooden top :

1. Additional attachments enlarging the tabletop. Used in ALASKA and BLACK FOREST They are attached to the top with solid butterfly screws. Thanks to this solution, the main top remains uncut in the middle, which would be necessary for more traditional constructions. Additionally, the unfolded table forms a beautiful monolithic piece, which is the quintessence of Scandinavian minimalism.

BLACK FOREST dining table with two extension boards.

BLACK FOREST table . The way of mounting the extra extension board to main table top.

2. Top enlargement by use of specialized sliders with wooden inserts in the middle of the top. The solution used for LISTIG and VIS tables. Presented tables can be easily unfolded by one person. When they are no longer needed, the wooden inserts will find their place under the table top, so no additional space is required to store them. The solution has been designed in such a way that the table does not lose its lightness, despite the fact that the folding mechanism is hidden under the table top.

Extension mechanism of VIS extendable dining table. Boards could be stored under the top.

Handcrafted brass pins connect two wooden extension boards of VIS/LISTIG extendable dining tables.


Table tops of round models

Extension mechanism (slides) used in MÅNE BLACK round dining table.

In the case of the most popular round tables with a metal frame, the tops are made of solid oak wood. They are available in extendable and non-extendable versions. After being properly secured with high quality oils, the top is permanently fixed to the frame. This creates an extremely solid unit and has a huge impact on the stability of the entire structure. Round tops are available in 3 popular diameters (100/110/120cm), we also offer custom designs.

Extension solutions

1. Due to table construction, we use only sliding mechanisms in the BASIC MANE/BASIC MANE II series of round tables. The whole works on similar basis as in case of BASIC LISTIG/BASIC VIS The round table top is cut into two halves, which when extended to the opposite side create a free space in the middle. It is then supplemented with a specially adapted wooden plate. The board is stored separately.

 MÅNE BLACK dining table with solid oak round top.

There is already a new round table model in preparation which will allow to hide the board directly under the table top. We invite you to follow our Facebook profile, where we will inform about it as soon as the new table will be in our offer!


A few words about metal table frames.

All table frames are SFD‘s own projects. They are crafted by experienced craftsmen from the best materials available on the market. Steel used by us is also not ordinary. It is steel of higher quality and the steel profiles used are much more durable than similar ones currently available on the market. The frame structure is self-supporting, it can also stand stable without a top. This is the essence of its extraordinary strength and durability for many years.

BLACK FOREST dining table fitted with solid high quality steel frame. 

BLACK FOREST dining table without the top – visible self supporting frame with extra profiles under the top. 

This is what the table consists of. Be sure to let us know on Facebook or Instagram if there are any other furniture issues you encounter and their importance is often not understood. We will be happy to explain them!


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