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Live edge oak dining table handcrafted with great care

Live edge dining table handcrafted with great care

Would you like to know how it all started? Allow us to tell you a short story about it!

It is believed that live edge dining tables and furniture originated in America around the 17th century when settlers began to establish themselves by building houses on the territory. The settlers quickly needed functional furniture and therefore chose to build their homes on land made of untreated wood. As America’s colonization progressed, the practice of furniture with living edges became less popular.

Live edge is a mixture of “Western” and rustic furniture styles. Originally it was categorized as rustic, but the two styles have many differences.

Most famous live edge practitioner – George Nakashima

George Nakashima, the winner of the Gold Craftsmanship Medal of the Institute of Architects, is known for leaving the natural edge of the wood as part of the finished piece, including his series for Knoll in 1946. His style is considered an extension of the Arts and Crafts movement and employs craftsmanship, which Nakashima said was “not only a creative force but a moral idea.” He mixed Japanese, American, and international modern styles, and designed furniture lines for Knoll and Widdicomb Mueller “using wood organically and deliberately selected boards with knots, burrs and patterned grain.”

japaneese furniture designer
GEORGE NAKASHIMA, Custom Sanso table and set of ten ÔÇťConoidÔÇŁ lounge chairs, USA ca.1987.
George Nakashima, Custom Sanso live edge dining table, USA, 1987

An extraordinary story, of an extraordinary man. So inspirational. Following his reasoning, we found our “moral idea” in design and found our main inspiration in abandoned wood. Surely, more than once, when you were on the beach you saw old branches of trees thrown out by the sea. They look incredible, right?

drift wood live edge table top
VIRKERÅ‘s live edge dining tabletop before oiling.

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Unleashing charm and functionality: The story behind our live edge dining table

Why not put their charm in the object that accompanies us every day? An object that not only decorates our home but is also extremely functional and necessary? The choice fell on the table, of course. The first project from the live edge dining table series and the first in the whole history of SFD Furniture Design was a VIRKERÅ coffee table. We tried to include in it all the elements that delighted us on this beach. We used wood naturally aged by mother nature and high-quality stainless steel. We arranged the boards so as to show the most beautiful texture and drawing of wood.  This gave the table an unusual character and elegance. This particular project defined our style and allowed us to understand that what we do has its true purpose. And it is to help our tables bring a new unique value to the homes and make the householders happy and satisfied. Nice messages from them confirm our previous convictions. This means that we’re doing a really good job!

Virkera reclaimed-wood-coffee-table
VIRKERÅ‘s live edge dining tabletop before oiling.

Crafting unique oak tables: Unveiling the artistry of SFD Furniture Design

At SFD Furniture Design, we have been crafting unique oak tables for many years. We use the skills and experience acquired during this time every day, even in the smallest project. We pay special attention to live edge dining tables; they were the ones that started our adventure and somehow imposed the style on what we do now. We not only put a lot of craftsmanship into the design and execution of each of them but also our whole hearts. Below you will find more detailed information about the tables and our craft secrets.

VIRKERÅ coffee table ready for shipping to Italy.

Another example of live edge furniture is the Trähus Coffee Set. The whole set is carefully made of natural, raw wood combined with hand-forged, stylish elements. The bench top is protected by the highest quality tempered glass. The simple and functional form outlined by our designer becomes a unique filling of the interior, also serving as spatial sculptures. Although the elements of the set are fully mobile, they give the impression of being strongly combined, with the space of the living room becoming its integral part.

Live edge coffee set TRÄHUS.
Live edge coffee set Trähus

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From Live Edge to Organic Elegance

At SFD Furniture Design, our initial exploration into live edge furniture paved the way for a deeper connection with the organic furniture movement.

Rooted in the 1930s, the movement’s core tenet emphasized the synthesis of furniture and architecture with the harmony found in nature. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright played a pivotal role, advocating for living and working spaces that harmonize with both occupants and the natural surroundings.

The essence of the organic furniture design trend lies in its extraction of shapes, materials, finishes, and colors from the bountiful reservoir of nature. But what does the term “organic furniture” truly entail? Often synonymous with green, natural, or sustainable furniture, it signifies creations crafted from raw materials devoid of pesticides and harmful chemicals.

Organic design, both in interiors and architecture, takes inspiration from nature, promoting minimalism and fostering a harmonious coexistence between man-made elements and the natural world. Home furnishings following organic design trends emphasize natural forms, embracing minimalist materials like wood and glass.

As a design philosophy, organic design transcends the conventional boundaries between man-made structures and the natural environment. It blurs these lines, creating spaces that not only cater to human needs but also resonate with the intrinsic beauty and balance found in the world around us. The legacy of organic design endures as a timeless testament to the enduring quest for harmony between human creations and the ever-evolving tapestry of the natural world.

What makes our live edge dining tables really special? 

It is not easy to answer this question given that the choice of similar tables on the market is still growing. But we will take up the challenge! We, at SFD Furniture Design, look for uniqueness mainly in the materials used and their history, their unusual design, and the Scandinavian philosophy of Hygge, which brings it all together.

Unique oak wood selection

The wood that comes into our workshop is also unusual. Its uniqueness is the story contained in the wood grains. Often these are wooden elements of hundred-year-old houses, naturally aged beach trees, or farm buildings found in picturesque Polish villages. Isn’t it fascinating? We derive great satisfaction from the fact that we can save such wood and give it a second life in a new form. Each element thus obtained is thoroughly checked by us, and for the production of the table, we choose only those with the most interesting structure and the right strength at the same time.

Bespoke furniture-craftsman at work_SFD
New arrival of oak wood ready for new projects!

The simple and functional form outlined by our designer becomes a unique filling of the interior, also serving as spatial sculptures. Although the elements of the set are fully mobile, they give the impression of being strongly combined, with the space of the living room becoming its integral part.

High-quality wood oil finish

In order to preserve tabletops, we use only natural wax oils of the best brands. The oiling process is preceded by a long and laborious process of preparing the surface of the wood top. The oil itself is applied in several phases which may take several weeks. However, this is the necessary time to achieve the assumed quality of the finish. If you would like to know more about why we think oil is a better choice than other forms of worktop maintenance, we invite you to read this article.

Oiled table top of Måne White II extendable dining table.

Scandinavian minimalist design and Hygge philosophy

It is an equally important point for us to demonstrate the uniqueness of the tables as the other ones. Scandinavian minimalism and their way of living a good life, that is Hygge. At SFD Furniture Design, we believe that each table produced by us should not only become another piece of furniture but also be a unique point for meetings in a warm family atmosphere. This is the essence of Hygge – getting a special, charming atmosphere at home. Scandinavian minimalism is for us a determinant of an organized life and we want our oak dining tables to also fit in with this philosophy.

It is always good to find time for a little bit of Hygge!

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Would you like to create your own live edge dining table?

SFD Bespoke furniture craftsman image
Any bespoke ideas? We can handle it

If you couldn’t find a suitable live edge table or any other table in our store, create your own!
We also invite architects and interior designers to cooperate.

If you’re looking for other dimensions or would like to change the materials/colors we use, please contact us and ask for bespoke tables. Our designers will be happy to guide you through the whole process and make a project especially for you.

Work with us! Are you a professional interior designer? Contact us and ask for a catalogue or CAD drawings of the selected furniture.

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In case of any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Artur Bieńko
SFD Furniture Design



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Live edge dining table handcrafted with great care

Live edge oak dining table handcrafted with great care

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