Uniqueness of handcrafted furniture. Perfection and “imperfection”

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Furniture made by hand on special order is primarily characterized by a great passion put into each of its elements. We believe that it is the commitment of designers and craftsmen that distinguishes handcrafted furniture from those made on a mass scale. Thus, handmade furniture is a much better choice than mass produced furniture. In the following article I will try to explain in points what really hides behind the mentioned passion.woodshop with tools SFD

Our woodshop is always ready for new handcrafted furniture projects.

1. Woodwork – the basis of handmade furniture

Maybe it is better to call it woodcraft? Our craftsmen often have to make really complex joints that can only be made by hand. That is why we also admire their sculptural talent. After many years of experience, they are really professionals in their field and each project made by them is of excellent quality. We value them very much for that.SFD woodshop by night

Sometimes in the workshop work lasts until late in the evening.Black Forest table construction

For new handcrafted furniture designs, a CAD technical drawing is essential.Oak wood planks

 New delivery of oak planks, our court woodworker Tad is looking forward to further work! Mane Black round extendable table

MÅNE BLACK round extendable table. Fjaril Black round extendable table

FJÄRIL BLACK round extendable table.Vis extendable oak table

BASIC VIS – extendable modern dining table

2. Metalwork – framing – style and unique element of wooden furniture

Our smiths are true metal enthusiasts. Thanks to this we are able to get really excellent quality frames. They are made of high class steel profiles. Each weld is made with great care to get a welding joint of appropriate strength. This guarantees the extraordinary durability of such a frame and stability of handcrafted furniture designs..Black-FOREST-steel-frame

This is how the specially reinforced BLACK FOREST table metal frame looks likeextendable-solid-oak-table

VIS table, here a special mechanism for extending the top is used.