Uniqueness of handcrafted furniture. Perfection and “imperfection”

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Furniture made by hand on special order is primarily characterized by a great passion put into each of its elements. We believe that it is the commitment of designers and craftsmen that distinguishes handcrafted furniture from those made on a mass scale. Thus, handmade furniture is a much better choice than mass produced furniture. In the following article I will try to explain in points what really hides behind the mentioned passion.woodshop with tools SFD

Our woodshop is always ready for new handcrafted furniture projects.

1. Woodwork – the basis of handmade furniture

Maybe it is better to call it woodcraft? Our craftsmen often have to make really complex joints that can only be made by hand. That is why we also admire their sculptural talent. After many years of experience, they are really professionals in their field and each project made by them is of excellent quality. We value them very much for that.SFD woodshop by night

Sometimes in the workshop work lasts until late in the evening.Black Forest table construction

For new handcrafted furniture designs, a CAD technical drawing is essential.Oak wood planks

 New delivery of oak planks, our court woodworker Tad is looking forward to further work! Mane Black round extendable table

MÅNE BLACK round extendable table. Fjaril Black round extendable table

FJÄRIL BLACK round extendable table.Vis extendable oak table

BASIC VIS – extendable modern dining table

2. Metalwork – framing – style and unique element of wooden furniture

Our smiths are true metal enthusiasts. Thanks to this we are able to get really excellent quality frames. They are made of high class steel profiles. Each weld is made with great care to get a welding joint of appropriate strength. This guarantees the extraordinary durability of such a frame and stability of handcrafted furniture designs..Black-FOREST-steel-frame

This is how the specially reinforced BLACK FOREST table metal frame looks likeextendable-solid-oak-table

VIS table, here a special mechanism for extending the top is used.welding process of steel table frame

Metalsmith at work.

3. Natural woodworking and dimensions +/- 

  • The expansion of table top planks is 3 mm and sometimes even 8 mm per meter. This is important to predict the movement of the wood when table is being constructed
  • An attempt to stop the movement of the wood will always end badly – it is too much force
  • We need to COOPERATE with wood – this is the only way to keep the wood looking beautiful without cracking or damaging it

4. Wood drawings, that is, the uniqueness of each handmade table made of wood

 The wood drawing most often seen on the tabletop also has its unique character. It is impossible to find two models of the same table with identical grain. Our craftsmen always try to choose the planks in such a way that the mentioned drawing looks the best and is properly visible after securing the top with oil.oak-table-wood-drawings-listig-extendable-table

Example of a characteristic wood drawing on the BASIC NIO II table top

5. Wood “defects” – handmade furniture with history

 We have in mind characteristic, natural elements of wood like knots, cavities or discoloration. It is hard to call them defects – they are a part of the history of a given tree, which was used to produce a table. For some handcrafted furniture projects we also use demolition wood, e.g. from old country hats. It often contains over a hundred years of history of the house.  Isn’t this unique? oak-table-wood-defects-Black-Forest

BLACK FOREST table top.

6. Oiling process – special oil for wood furniture

 The natural oils we use beautifully enhance the characteristics of the wood. The whole process, in short, consists of rubbing oil into the wood a few times, while maintaining the appropriate intervals between successive applications. This allows for proper oil absorption by the wooden tabletop.  The entire process takes several days. More information on this subject can be found here.

 It should be remembered that the tabletop should be properly cared for and the oiling process should be repeated once in a while. The analogy of taking care of your own skin and systematically rubbing in a cream fits well here.

7. Room humidity is the key to high-quality wood furniture

 Because wood is a natural material that absorbs and gives off moisture – room humidity plays a very important role in maintaining its good quality.

That is why it is so important to have the right temperature of 20-22°C and humidity, 40-60%. The optimum humidity depends on the temperature in the room.

Otherwise it is necessary to predict that the wood will work much harder and eventually it may crack, expand, or deform.

 8. Best quality, eco materials and precision

Mass produced furniture is often limited to cheap materials of uncertain quality. In contrast, our handcrafted furniture is made of specially selected materials

All materials used in the handcrafted furniture production process are ecological. We try to have the least negative impact on the environment. We use solid oak wood, natural impregnation oils or powder coatings for painting frames, which release much less harmful volatile substances into the environment.

Although the wood “works”,  all the time we maintain dimensional standards that may vary by a maximum of 2-3mm from specifications.

 9. Sustainability 

 Our customers are passionate about the products they buy, where the products come from, who made them, from which components they are created, how sustainable they are – and how long they last. By choosing natural and long-lasting materials, we can create comfortable furniture with their own unique character that will continue to be relevant beyond changing trends in interior design.

Everything I have written above can sometimes take a lot of effort and attention. But at the end of the day we have this wonderful feeling that we are working with great respect for nature and that it is always stronger than us. So all we can do is cooperate with her, and never think about dominating nature. That is great work.

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In the above article, you could get to know our approach to work and see that handmade SFD furniture is a product of high quality and great appearance. If you are interested in our offer and would like to equip yourself with a handmade wooden table or other custom made furniture – check the furniture available in our store!

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SFD Furniture Design

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