It was a truly extraordinary year for SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign in many ways. Full of challenges, new ideas and passion. We are finishing it richer with new experiences, knowledge and looking forward to 2021, which may be even better in many (known to us all) aspects.

At the end of the year there always comes a time for summaries. In this article I would like to share with you, in my opinion, our greatest achievements as an SFD team. I will also present our general plans for next year. I am looking forward to further development of the SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign brand. After all, there are so many ideas to implement!

2020 – let`s talk about this extraordinary year.

1. Best of the year 2020

  • Design – one of the most important aspects. After a lot of hard work and many attempts, as well as learning from our own mistakes, we implemented three completely new models of folding tables. The first one that started our design of folding round tables was MÅNE. It was created as our answer to the demand for practical and modern round tables in its form. It is worth mentioning that this was the first folding round table in our offer. After it was introduced to the market, it enjoyed such good interest that we decided to raise the bar even further and improve our own design. This is how the FJÄRIL round folding table was created. Its distinguishing feature, apart from a different layout of the base, is the possibility to hide the extension boards under the top and the unique design of the top itself (herringbone). FJÄRIL  is gaining more and more interest, which makes us extremely happy. The third of the folding but rectangular tables is called BASIC VIS. This is a modification of one of our previous projects. The new BASIC VIS has been redesigned to make it even more practical. The boards are hidden invisibly under the table top.

    MÅNE BLACK round extendable table.

    FJÄRIL BLACK round extendable table.

    BASIC VIS – extendable modern dining table

    • Webpage – our website is constantly being improved and updated. I wonder if anyone remembers its first version yet – it has little to do with the current one 🙂 In the year 2020 all our websites have undergone a significant refreshment to show you in the most accessible way what we really love. Here, I’ll let you in on the secret that next year’s homepage will be even more impressive.
    • E-marketing. This one word is a real mine of knowledge. This year we explored it with real enthusiasm. The hours spent on deepening this subject begin to pay off.  But there is a long way to go.  It is worth mentioning the publications that we are constantly trying to write on a better and better level. In 2020 about 35 blog articles and a similar number of short videos were created. We are extremely pleased if at least one person has appreciated our materials.
    • All the time we were ourselves. We have not changed our approach to what we do. We act according to the motto: “Be great instead of big”. and we are proud of it. All the time we definitely put quality over quantity and that will never change
    • Every piece has its own story! Despite the large assortment of our store, in fact, every piece of furniture ordered is unique. Often, at the customer’s request, we implement design improvements to adapt the product to his expectations. Each element of the table has its own history, especially the wood, which for some pieces is obtained, for example from 100-year-old wooden huts. But real stories are created by people, their needs, places where they live, relationships. We take all this into account in every new design. We are really proud of that.

    2. 2021 resolutions. How can we improve?

    • Be great instead of big This is our motto, which proudly appears on the front page. Not only next year but until the end of our activity we do not plan to change it. We want to remain an unique handcraft company, which puts quality and service before all. We plan to put even more emphasis on this.
    • Respect for nature In our work, we draw mainly from nature, it is not only a source of inspiration for us but also provides us with the main building material – wood. It is our duty to show respect for it. We plan to make the whole production process as little burden on the natural environment as possible. It will also be visible in refreshed branding or ecological packaging and advertising materials in 2021.
    •  Sustainability We would like to achieve balance not only in the production process, but also to manage the team or customer approach accordingly. After all, what we do, we do for people. A satisfied team means better products and satisfied customers.
    • New designs The year 2021 will also be a year of new designs! We plan to design from scratch and implement at least a few new furniture. It will be another amazing (sometimes bumpy) road, which we will pass with satisfaction. Can`t wait!

    Artur Przedzienkowski
    CEO of SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign


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