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Scandinavian lifestyle. What did I learn in Sweden?

Skandinavian lifestyle SFD Furniture Design

Sweden, and more broadly the whole of Scandinavia has something special about it. Today I would like to share with you my experiences and thoughts about my stay in Sweden. It is quite difficult to put it on paper, in fact, you have to experience it personally to understand. I encourage everyone to experience the same thing at least once in their lives.

Finding balance and simplicity: Exploring the essence of lagom in Swedish life

Lagom (pronounced Lar-Gohm) is a Swedish word that means just the right amount. It is also widely used in moderation, in balance and translated in a perfectly simple way. Think of it as the Goldilocks of words – not too hot, not too cold, but just right. It is an important concept to understand as it is applied to almost every aspect of Swedish life, from the sense of clothing to work performance. Lagom is the seal of approval; too much or too little usually brings the thumbs down. An important tip for expats on this subject is to adapt to your expectations of praise. Swedes don’t usually go overboard in this subject.

Living the lagom lifestyle: Practical tips for applying the concept in your daily life

I have considered this as a separate point because understanding the concept and knowing what is considered Lagom by Swedes in different situations are two very different learning curves, the latter requiring years of experience and practice. It turned out that my instincts in several areas were not “lagom” by nature. After a few years in Sweden, I now know instinctively what is considered appropriate for most topics, such as attending meetings, the amount of planning communications needed to get activities going, or what and how much I need to do on a particular occasion. I do not always choose Lagom, but at least it is a conscious choice now.

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Exploring fika – A vital part of Swedish work culture

Every newcomer to Sweden quickly learns that Fika (coffee breaks) is an important part of the Swedish work culture. Here you can get in contact with your colleagues and discuss some casual topics. It is a great concept. The real challenge of Office Fika is to measure how much time is spent on this mandatory activity. Other Fika challenges are getting used to drinking plenty of coffee (often black, as sugar and milk are not considered essential), developing an appreciation for Bulle (Swedish cinnamon bread/bread roll – an acquired taste) or being cornered by someone when you have deadlines to meet. During these difficult times, fika is also practised. I mean the so-called Digital Fika. In this case, the whole concept is done remotely. You can read more about it here.

The importance of planning in Swedish culture: Why Swedes plan everything from work to social activities

Swedes are master planners and planning is an essential part of their way of life. Numerous successful Swedish multinational companies and functioning traffic systems are evidence of this. Many Swedes can tell you exactly what they will do on a given day, three or four months in advance. Planning applies not only to work but also socially, where planning meetings for group activities is a way of making contacts. Facebook, WhatsApp and countless other digital group chat features have not affected the Swedish desire to meet and plan. My natural standard will always be to leave things until the last minute, but my Swedish training has allowed me to move the needle for long-term planning from next week to next month and even next year if necessary.

SFD Furniture Design planning
In Sweden a good plan is a key!

Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder.
(Swedish: There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes.)

Nature meets style: Creating products inspired by Scandinavian design

I was captivated by the power and intensity of natural phenomena, the beauty of the natural landscape and the peace that comes with open, undisturbed spaces.
Travels in Scandinavia provided me with great motivation to act, and new inspirations and ideas. The Scandinavian lifestyle has just come to my aid. I was intrigued by its genesis and practical use and conditions that affect the lives of people in the Nordic countries. This style is characterized by sublime simplicity and functionality, without unnecessary ornaments and distracting elements. Stylish products harmonize with the spaces in which they are located, without distracting users from the beauty of the surroundings and without distracting them. I decided to create products that will influence the quality of life of the recipients and will be the result of the synergy of the two factors mentioned above: natural landscape and sophisticated design style.

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Allemansrätten: Exploring the Swedish wilderness with the right to public access

When you are in Sweden you have the right to walk, cycle, ride, ski and camp on any land except for private gardens, near a dwelling house or land under cultivation. It is called the Freedom to Roam.

Sweden’s natural wonders; Swedish Lapland, the Swedish mountains, coastlines and archipelagos are waiting to discover them.I was fascinated by the possibility to move around freely in every corner of Sweden and admire its natural beauty. It was an extremely inspiring experience that continues to pay off and I hope it is visible in SFD Furniture Design projects.

sweden allemansratten nature
Artur Przedzienkowski
CEO of SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign

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