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Solid oak table top with or without overhang. What is the difference?

Basic TRE Basic TRE II dining table

If you were wondering what this overhang is and what is its use in our tables, you’ve come to the right place! In the following article, I will try to bring this topic closer to you and answer the question: what is the difference between tables (solid oak table top to be precise) with and without overhang?


  • Table names with “II” >>> mean table tops without overhang, e.g. BASIC NIO II
  • Table names without “II” >>> mean table tops with overhang, e.g. BASIC NIO

Oak tables SFD – Our unique naming

As you may have already noticed, you can find the sign “II” at the names of our wooden tables, e.g. BASIC NIO II. This means that you are looking at a table model without overhang. It is characterized by a simpler, more modern silhouette, achieved just by a flush with the edge of the table top together with a metal frame. To the currently offered models of tables without overhang, apart from the BASIC NIO II oak table, there is also the BASIC TRE II wooden table, which differs in the color of the frame.

Basic TRE Basic TRE II dining table
BASIC TRE II vs. BASIC TRE dining tables. Difference between solid oak table top.

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Solid oak dining table top – wooden tables from the SFD range

I hope that this short article helped to clear all concerns about our solid oak table tops designs and now the decision to choose your dream table will be much easier.

We also encourage you to visit our SFD Furniture Design shop and take a look at our available wooden dining tables. There are unique oak tables available that will blend perfectly into any interior, adding charm and a Scandinavian look.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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handmade oak dining table

BASIC NIO II industrial oak dining table (+bench available)

 1.030 3.020

BASIC TRE kitchen table

BASIC TRE oak dining room and kitchen table (+bench available)

 890 2.870

handmade oak dining table

BASIC FEM bleached oak wood dining table

 890 2.020