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How SFD takes environmental responsibilities seriously. Sustainable furniture design

how sfd takes environmental responsibilities seriously

The eco conscience has taken hold and we are paying more and more attention to the world around us. This concern for the environment is expressed in our homes, by choosing more energy efficient housing or architecture that reuses waste materials. But what about the objects that are closest to us and accompany us practically every day – furniture? Does sustainable furniture design really still exist? Absolutely! We are an example of this.

1. Product development of SFD`s furniture.

When developing products, the focus is on the entire life cycle of the product, from raw material extraction to production, distribution and disposal:

  • toxic substances are not used during the production process
  • a high percentage of the wood used comes from legal sustainably managed forests or, in the case of some table models, from recycled wood sources
  • production waste is reused or disposed of appropriately

Swedish oak forest Pitia
Sierpc, Poland 2020

Oak wood plank in the workshop
Oak planks, ready for new designs.

We take full responsibility for all parts and details of our work before, during and after the product leaves our hands. Our collection is designed to meet the needs and demands for functional and beautiful design today, tomorrow and beyond.

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2. Local production by skilled craftsmen

Woodworker craftsman during the work.
Woodworker and blacksmith during the work.
Blacksmith during the welding process
Blacksmith during the welding process

We manufacture in Europe and work with the most qualified specialists. And 100% of our collection is made in Poland by local small manufacturers, who value natural and sustainable production.

Thanks to the critical eyes and skilled hands of the craftsmen, they make products that exceed the expectations of our customers.

3. Built to last – sustainable furniture design is the key!

If something is designed to last a long time or can be easily repaired, the likelihood of being thrown away is reduced and you may even save money in the long run so you don’t have to buy a replacement part. The environmental impact of producing two items versus one should also be considered when choosing a new furniture.

Designing and manufacturing quality products that last for generations is our mission – every time we create new designs at SFD. And packaging, care products, changeable parts and final product recycling needs to be considered as we work tirelessly towards extending the longevity of the product.

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For us, Scandinavian design is a way of thinking. We are inspired mainly by colors and materials related to nature. The whole is complemented by the sustainable character of our designs, which are built to last.

Sustainability is something we do not take lightly. We know that it’s a never-ending journey, trying to do better every single day.

The Team of SFD Furniture Design

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