How to maintain oiled wooden furniture?

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After a proper oiling, the oiled wood furniture requires little maintenance. Below is our advice, which we have developed on the basis of our own experience and the opinions of buyers of our natural wood tables:

Duration and condition of wood depend on its proper conservation and further regular care and maintenance. That ensures a natural process of wood aging and emphasizes its characteristics and aesthetic values. To protect the wooden table-top please avoid acid fluids, chemicals and other corosive aggressive substances. All acid fluids such e.g. vinegar, alcohol or lemon water can cause some damages to the wood surface. In case of such contact, please immediately wipe it off with a damp cloth and then dry
it with a soft one. Other fluids which appear on the table-top should be immediately removed. It is recommended to put dishes and vessels (glasses, etc.) on place mats. That will protect the wood from moisture and water. Dirty surfaces should be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Once-twice a year it is recommended to impregnate the wood surface with oil.

Impregnation method: spread carefully the oil (hard-wax oils recommended) on the clean wooden tabletop with a cloth.
Leave it for about 10-15 minutes and then wipe away excess oil using a lint-free cloth.


We also include some of the most common questions about oiled tables:

Q – Is the black oak finish permanent? Does it require frequent maintenance?
A – Black colored top always has visible parts (narrow stripes) of natural wood. Over time, it will also gently wear off. On the extentable table the differences can be more visible at the time
Q – How does oiled wood change over time? Will the color change significantly?
A – As wood is a natural product, variations in color and pigmentation will occur. Oiled furniture will also change appearance over time as it is affected by the environment in which it is placed.



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In case of any further questions about oiled wood furniture do not hesitate to contact us.


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