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3 Easy Tips for Scandinavian Home Decor

3 Easy Tips for Scandinavian Home Decor

The Scandinavian style is based on minimalist furniture and bright, spacious interiors. However, every house or apartment needs a few details that will give it an individual style and make it more cosy. In today’s post, we will present you some interior decorations that could be a perfect addition to the Scandinavian style.

Enhance your Scandinavian Home with these Scandinavian-style decorating ideas

1. Photos and images

Every home needs details and accessories that express the style and character of its residents. These can be family photos, paintings or various wall decorations. In order to harmonize with the Scandinavian style, they should be framed in wooden or metal frames of neutral colours, in line with the colour range of the whole apartment.

Nothing stands in the way of using all the collected photographs to create a gallery wall – a wall filled with an asymmetrical composition consisting of photographs, pictures and graphics, popular among interior design enthusiasts. These decorations will perfectly fill the surface of the wall, e.g. in the living room over a sofa, making the interior of the apartment more intimate and cozy.

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2. Plants

Plants are undoubtedly an element that very much vitalizes living spaces and introduces dynamism and variability into them. The variety of forms, shapes, textures and colours determines their high decorative value. Large green potted plants such as monsters, ferns, fuchsias and palm trees are the best choice for Scandinavian-style flats. Choosing a stylish pot, e.g. a stone one in white or a metallic one in a shade of gold, you will make the monotonous and undeveloped corner of the room gain expression and become an interesting, invigorating accent. A collection of small succulents, such as cacti, or a recently fashionable plant terrarium will present itself on a commode, wooden coffee table or handmade oak bookcase.

3. Let in the light

Light is essential to Scandinavian design. The long and dark winters in Scandinavia have influenced the design philosophy of the region, and as a result, Scandinavian homes are known for their bright and airy interiors. To achieve this look in your home, make sure to let in as much natural light as possible. Use light and sheer curtains to allow light to flow freely into your space. You can also consider adding mirrors to reflect natural light and make your space feel larger.

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Adding warmth and timeless beauty to your Home with oak furniture

Scandinavian home decor often uses natural materials such as wood and stone, which give the room a cosy and warm feel. Oak furniture is a popular choice for Scandinavian interior design as it is durable, timelessly beautiful and adds a warm atmosphere to the room. With its light and natural colour, oak furniture blends seamlessly into any colour scheme and complements different interior styles. Moreover, the clean lines and simplicity of the material fit perfectly with the minimalist and functional design that is often found in Scandinavian interiors.

Whether you need a new dining table, bespoke coffee table or bookcase, our collection of handmade wood furniture has something to offer. Each piece is crafted with care and precision to last for many years to come.

So why not bring a touch of warmth and timeless beauty to your Home with oak furniture from SFD Furniture Design? Take a look at our collection today and discover the perfect piece to enhance your Scandinavian interior.


Artur Bieńko
SFD Furniture Design

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