4 Best Plants for Scandinavian Interior

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There’s nothing that makes an apartment feel more like a home than plants. In a minimalist and/or neutral-colored apartment, plants are a great way to bring color and a natural touch to your interior. They also purify the air and positively influence the humidity of the room.

Ficus, Dracaena and Monstera

house plants will bring your interior to life, with a tall, thin and ‘minimalist-friendly’ structure. They’re a top foliage accessory in a Scandi Chic setting, and you can  pair your plant with a rattan basket to bring a simple accent of colour and warmth into your house or flat.

Ficus elastica

70– 100cm overall height, Ficus elastica is easy to look after and
avoid direct sunlight. Suitable for low-light situations but can also tolerate natural indirect light. It produces a white, sticky, milky sap when cut.

Ficus exotica

Often thought of as The Ficus house plant. Look after this great, robust foliage variety (don’t move it too regularly, re-pot during warmer weather & water regularly) and its glossy green leaves will make a real statement.

Dracena Luxe

An unusual colour, Dracaena Deramensis Luxe has a lime green on Green variegation, and offers something strikingly different in the home.

Monstera deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa brings style and taste to any indoor space. The Monstera is making its return as the plant of choice for interior designers and its iconic split leaves are often the subject of modern artwork.

House plants are easy to care for. Here are a few simple tips to look after

  • As a guide, water weekly during summer and every other week during winter
  • These plants like to be kept indoors in a well-lit space and away from draughts
  • They don’t like direct sunlight however, so choose your spot carefully before buying one
  • Do not over water the plant, keeping the soil moist is the ideal condition for these plants. If the plant becomes water logged this can cause the plant to rot
  • Wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to avoid a build up of dust –  it
    will keep your plant looking green and healthy
  • Use an indoor plant liquid, following instructions on packaging.


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