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How to find Hygge in everyday life? 10 examples from SFD Furniture Design

How to find Hygge in everyday life_ 10 examples from SFD Furniture Design

Scandinavians are one of the happiest nations in the world. Despite the accelerating speed of their lives and the multitude of tasks, they are able to find peace and concentration. This is closely related to their close relationship to Hygge’s ideology. In their homes, they are masters at creating a cosy environment and enjoying even the smallest of things.

Here are 10 examples of how to find Hygge in the little things that we could miss every day

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1. Prepare for unexpected guests

Always be prepared for unexpected guests. Remember to keep delicious cookies or cake for this occasion. It is a good idea to freeze fresh baked goods or to look for a nice pastry shop. An additional advantage in building a Hyggeligatmosphere at home is the smell of baked cake.

hygge atmosphere

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2. Relax and forget your problems

Try to relax and forget about the existing problems. A perfect solution, in this case, is various types of hobbies. Knittingsewing or just a good book. They allow you to isolate yourself for a moment from the surrounding world and rest your mind. This kind of regeneration is essential for proper functioning.

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3. Disconnect from technology

Give up at least for a moment any distracting technological novelties. Silence your smartphone, or tablet, and put down your computer or smartwatch. Technology is an indispensable element of today’s life but can also cause a lot of damage. Approach it in moderation and life will become more pleasant.

4. Get out into the fresh air

Fresh air! Go for a walk – to the park, garden, run with your dog. Any outdoor activity has a positive effect on the body and improves the mood.

5. Meet with friends

Meet with friends and enjoy their company. There is a Swedish term for this – fika, which means a short coffee break with friends combined with something tasty to eat. A wonderful opportunity to relax.

6. Light a candle for relaxation

The Scandinavians are one of the largest consumers of candles in the world. This is no coincidence. Lighting a candle gives you an instant Hygge effect! Warm light, a glowing wick and dimmed room – together they create an atmosphere of intimacy and relaxation.

instant Hygge effect

7. Dim the lights and feel like Scandinavia

Besides the use of candles, dim artificial light sources in the homeScandinavia is an area where artificial light is extremely important because of the shortage of sunlight. Dimming bulbs not only saves energy but also allows for deep relaxation and even a short healthy nap.

8. Dress comfortably

At home wear comfortable clothes (can be pajamas!), soft slippers or warm socks. Sit comfortably on the couch and turn on your favorite program or movie. Don’t forget about tasty snacks – remember everything in moderation.

9. Decorate your Home

Decorate your home, and let it become your escape cave from everyday life. I suggest you opt for non-distracting minimalism with a hint of home warmth. Keep the balance in this – excessive asceticism or the way towards the excessive accumulation of objects are not good solutions.

10. Opt for Scandinavian style

Focus on Scandinavian designhandmade furnituredurability, and timeless and natural furniture.

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As you can see, the Scandinavian style is the perfect way to relax, calm down and escape from the problems of everyday life. This is why it is worth introducing it into your home. To do so, follow our 10 tips.

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If You found this article interesting, please visit our blog where you will learn more about Scandinavian design and our company.


Artur Bieńko
SFD Furniture Design



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