10 Inspiring Scandinavian Kitchen Design Ideas.

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Traditional design is relatively characteristic for Scandinavian kitchen style. Very simple, ascetic but at the same time cozy and warm. Being in a room like this makes you feel at home. This is closely related to the philosophy of Hygge already mentioned on this blog. It is essentially a cosy, welcoming way of living that can be translated into many areas of life, from interior design to the food you cook.

Talking about the most popular indicators of Scandi kitchens – white colour is the most commonly used one, it often covers both the walls, the floors and the cabinets. There are, of course, deviations from this norm, white can be combined with green, brown or even red uncovered bricks. The basic patterns are straight lines and squares, but also may occur as organic shapes.

The possibilities of combining the Scandinavian style with other trends are now endless – from warm traditional design through industrial (Scandi – Industrial) to modernist styles.

Below you will find a selection of 10 examples of Scandinavian kitchens that will surely inspire you to explore this subject.


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  • handmade oak dining table

    BLACK FOREST modern oak dining table

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  • BASIC NIO modern table

    BASIC NIO modern oak dining and kitchen table

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  • BASIC TRE kitchen table

    BASIC TRE oak dining room and kitchen table

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