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Do you wonder how many guests would you fit at your oak dining the table? Choose table size!

Do you wonder how many guests would you fit at the table

Is hard to imagine a table without chairs. Below we explain how to choose the right chairs for a given table size, and most importantly we suggest how many guests have a chance to sit at the table.

Adjusting chair height to tabletop: A guide to comfortable seating

The height of the furniture should allow free elbow support, for example when writing or using a computer. There should be about 25 cm of free space between the chair seat and the tabletop. This allows users to sit at the table and slide their legs under the top. It should also not be forgotten that the table top and the height of the chair should be adjusted to the height of the user – these parameters can be modified according to individual orders.

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Armrest mounting and chair placement: Factors to consider for efficient use of table space

The height of the armrest in a chair should be less than the height from the floor to the top of the tabletop. Higher armrests collide with the table, which makes it impossible to slide the chair under the tabletop. This makes the table + chairs take up much more space than they should. In addition, the correct armrests, which ensure the comfort of use, should create an angle of 90-110 degrees with the user’s hands resting on them.

Matching the size of your chair and table: Essential tips for comfortable seating

At large, massive tables, also chairs of massive form look good. With filigree furniture, chairs should be light. You should remember to provide space for one chair not less than 50 cm (counting it after the length of the table top on the longer side). The very comfortable space at the table for one person is 80 cm, counting from the edge of the table to the wall behind the chair. Therefore, it is worth checking the size of the table that our dining room can accommodate comfortably.

If you don’t know how to place the chairs at the table, and thus how many guests can sit at it, you can use the universal solution we prepared:

table chairs arrangement_table size plan
This plan should help you to choose the right table size
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When setting the table and selecting the chairs, it is worth paying attention to the surrounding furniture and keeping appropriate distances between the seats and aisles. The chairs should be able to slide out and move freely, enough to sit at the table and move away from it, maintaining an upright posture when changing from standing to sitting and vice versa. It is worthwhile to draw the table and chairs on a checked sheet of paper (remember to do this on an appropriate scale). You can also draw their mutual position with chalk on the floor. This way you can check the dimensions carefully!

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