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 Why did we like the Scandinavian style? Because our winter days are also short and sunless – just like in Northern Europe. What’s more: the simplicity and functionality of the solutions in the spirit of this design perfectly fit into our ever faster pace of life, because… they calm down. That is why the northern design will work well in many interior design solutions. Check how it reached us, what are its determinants and get to know examples of handmade oak modern dining table!

Everything we do, we do with a great respect and love for nature. It makes the core and soul of every piece of furniture and accessory we produce. In our designs we strive for excellence, constantly seeking stunning new forms and unique materials, providing functionality and extraordinary character. All of our products and the details are handcrafted. Hard work and high precision brings out the natural beauty of the materials

Artur Przedzienkowski

CEO, SFD Skandinavisk Möbelsdesign

Kungsleden trail in Sweden, has become for us a symbol of the continuous path to improvement.

Kungsleden trail in Sweden, has become for us a symbol of the continuous path to improvement.[/caption]

A little bit of history:

 The Scandinavian style comes from the north of Europe and its source can be found in the characteristics of the Scandinavian environment. Apart from mountainous, densely wooded landscapes, these countries are famous for their short, cold days. Only during the summer months can you count on more sun and light.

No wonder that the local style is based primarily on bright colors, simple forms and organic, natural materials. The annual Lunning Price awards granted to designers in the 1950s and 1960s contributed to the popularization of Scandinavian style in Europe. Thanks to them, the trend was also heard in other countries.

Mountainous densely wooded landscapes? In deed

Mountainous densely wooded landscapes? In deed [/caption]

FJÄRIL WHITE round extendable table as example of use an organic, natural materials together with simple form

 Is time for Fikatid!

Advantages of Scandinavian style

  • The Scandinavian style represents simple and uncomplicated aesthetics, which derives from a combination of basic design principles – purity of form, functionality and timeless solutions.
  • The ascetic style cuts itself off from the richness of decorations, details and directs us towards elegant minimalism wrapped in simple forms. In addition, elements of interior design in Scandinavian style are made of natural materials, which makes it associated with ecology and nature.
  • The color scheme allows to optically enlarge the space and create bright, warm rooms, where wooden furniture not only complements the room, but is above all practical. The selection of appropriate models will allow us to create timeless decoration.


 Who will be most comfortable with such furniture?

The Scandinavian style will work well in many apartments. Depending on your preferences and tastes, you can create a space in this spirit without splendor and exaggeration. The style will be impressive both in a small studio and a spacious house. It will be especially suitable for interiors belonging to people who appreciate simplicity and minimalism, where simple Scandinavian furniture will provide the tenants with comfort and confidence that it will be an investment for years to come.

 Key features of Scandinavian style:

  • Minimalist furniture – that is, the use of aesthetic, simple in construction and above all functional designs. In our designs of handmade oak modern dining table we to do so!
  • Colors – is the use of basic, subdued colors, such as: pastel colors, white, gray. It is also characteristic to introduce wood as a floor finish, a material used to make furniture. It is also typical to decorate the space with wooden accessories.
  • Functionality – that is using only basic elements of equipment, ensuring harmony and cleanliness of interiors.
  • A sense of security – thanks to such philosophies as Hygge, Lagom or Kos. The home should be a place of rest, relaxation, where the whole family can regenerate after a long day.

This photo probably speaks for itself  

Scandinavian-spirit handmade oak modern dining table examples:

How to create a Scandinavian style interior? Starting with a solid oak tables! We have chosen a few durable, functional and simple in form models.

Did you know that FJÄRIL BLACK round dining table is also extendable?

 MÅNE WHITE round dining table – a great example of clean, Scandinavian aesthetics

FJÄRIL WHITE – Extendable. Functional. Scandinavian

BASIC NIO II handmade oak modern dining table – natural solid wood makes home much warmer. Isn`t it?

BASIC TRE II handmade oak modern dining table – cooking in such a kitchen is a real pleasure.

BLACK FOREST dining table – simple, architectural look.

 Scandinavian furniture makes your Home cozy, warmth and welcoming.

The article is coming to an end but I personally feel that we are only at the beginning of the path. Each new product is not only a big challenge for us but also gives us a lot of experience that we gather and use in our next projects. As SFD we are constantly developing and trying to get as close as possible to perfection. But what is perfection really about?  This is probably the topic for the next article… 


Artur Przedzienkowski
CEO, SFD Skandinavisk Möbelsdesign

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