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How to arrange interiors in the style of an urban jungle style?

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This article is inspired by the MakeYourLifeGreener apartment. We know each other Anna from studies in landscape architecture. Anna is an amazingly creative person, a blogger who knows everything about plants. When we visited her place, we knew we wanted to create a joint project to combine our passion for plants with our timelessly designed furniture. We are united by a great love for nature, harmony, simplicity of forms, and conscious life. This is how the Urban Jungle project was created.

Urban jungle style: Bringing nature’s charm into modern living spaces

Urban jungle, i.e., the urban jungle style, was born from the need for closer contact with nature, which is often difficult because of the modern, urban lifestyle. Its characteristic features are the enrichment of the space with living plants, the use of natural materials like solid wood furniture, and effective decorative motifs.

An interior in the urban jungle style - indoor plants and natural oak wood table FJÄRIL, LIGHT BLÄCK desk and NIVÅ WHITE bookshelf
An interior in the urban jungle style – indoor plants and natural oak wood table FJÄRIL, LIGHT BLÄCK desk and NIVÅ WHITE bookshelf

How to arrange an apartment in the urban jungle style? There are many answers to this question. The first is to introduce the richness of plants with beautiful leaves or flowers to the interior. If you want to go a step further, it is worth starting the cultivation of herbs and special varieties of fruit and vegetables in even the smallest garden or even on the balcony.

The urban jungle style is unusual. It directs our attention to natural materials, i.e., natural wood, ceramics, metal, glass, linen, cotton, and wool fabrics, as well as braids made of twine, wicker, and palm leaves. These accessories can appear, among others, in the arrangement of the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

This palette of materials is associated with the dominance of the so-called range. Earth colors, i.e. beige, brown, red, and green, with the addition of off-white, shades of grey and raw black. Thanks to this, the urban jungle style can complement any modern interior style (Scandinavian, minimalist, loft and boho) and create an unusual arrangement of space. An excellent solution for incorporating Earth colors is a wooden table. Round table FJÄRIL BLACK is made of specially selected, smooth solid oak wood. It has various shades, dark knots, and bright lines across the tabletop. Each product is made to order and therefore, depending on the batch of wood, it also has its own unique features, colour, and wood grain. Such a table is a perfect match for the Urban Jungle-style interior. By choosing the right accessories, most modern apartments can be brought one step closer to the world of nature.

The furniture matching the urban jungle style should be made of solid wood and impregnated with natural oil. The walls should be painted with light paint. For the brave ones, an option is to finish the walls with “jungle wallpaper” with a natural, non-stylized pattern of leaves, flowers or plant shoots.

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Botanical accents in interior design: Incorporating the urban jungle style

The most effective way to create an urban jungle climate in an apartment is to fill the interior with plants. Sometimes one really large monstera or palm tree is enough to turn the entire interior into a home jungle.

Potted flowers can stand on the floor and on furniture (flowerbeds, chests of drawers, bookcases), hang from shelves or suspended pots (macramé is again in fashion) or climb grates screwed to the wall.

A good example of such is a bookcase, for example, enchanting with its naturalness NIVÅ WHITE an openwork bookcase in a contemporary minimalist style, consisting of a steel frame and five wooden shelves. Shelves are made of natural oak wood and have raised edges, at the back and at the sides, to reduce the risk of items slipping off the shelf by accident. A solid metal frame provides stability and durability despite its lightweight form. The smooth glossy surface of the steel shines nicely in the sunlight and the open design allows plenty of light on the shelves. Therefore, the bookshelf seems to occupy less space than it does in reality, and even the living potted plants will have enough light to grow and look good on it.

The nature-inspired home office is a growing trend. Bringing nature indoors reduces stress and helps people do their best work while improving their overall well-being. Urban jungle-style interiors can improve productivity and happiness it can also increase oxygen levels in the workplace, making the air feel fresher. The BLÄCK LIGHT desk is a solid piece of furniture with strong, simple lines. It’s made from natural, eco-friendly materials using traditional craft techniques. Minimalist design and beautiful oak wood construction fit perfectly into an Urban Jungle home office.

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Creating an urban jungle: Basic steps and design tips for your interior space

To summarize the creation of the Urban Jungle, remember a few basic steps:

  1. Check the daylight requirements and disposition

Plants need sunlight to grow, so make sure you choose the right spot in your home that provides adequate natural light.

  1. Chose the right plants 

Start with plants that are easy to maintain, such as spider plants, pothos, or snake plants. As you gain experience, you can add more exotic plants to your collection.

  1. Use earth colors

Earthy tones like green, brown, and beige create a calming and natural atmosphere in your home, perfect for your urban jungle.

  1. Use accessories made of natural materials

Natural materials like oak wood, bamboo, and rattan add to the organic feel of your space.

  1. Get natural wooden furniture and plants

If possible, choose furniture made from natural wood and add plants to your decor to bring your urban jungle to life.

  1. Check how you fill and rearrange your space

Experiment with different arrangements to find the perfect combination that suits your style and space!

By following these basic steps, you can create a stunning urban jungle in your home. Remember to have fun with it and enjoy the natural beauty you have brought into your living space.

We hope this article will inspire you to create your own urban jungle. The photo session was made in cooperation with MakeYourLifeGreener.

You can see some of our solid oak furniture in the pictures. The apartment, plants, and natural accessories belong to  MakeYourLifeGreener.

Artur Bieńko
SFD Furniture Design

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