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What connects bespoke oak furniture? Stories from Dublin and Marbella

bespoke oak furniture

Bespoke oak furniture – people need the best quality and uniqueness

Many times, we have wondered what should stand out in bespoke oak furniture design. What elements or values give the table these desired features? One of the most important is the correct answer to functional or aesthetic needs. It is inseparably connected with the quality of workmanship and uniqueness. In all our projects we try to combine all these features

The word bespoke (/bəˈspoʊk/) has evolved from a verb meaning “to speak for something”

Building meaningful partnerships: Crafting custom furniture that transcends ‘client’ relationships

Our goal is also to understand the client as well as possible. In the team, we do not even like to use the “client” word. We try to build something on the principle of the partnership of people transmitting on the same waves. Only then is it possible to achieve a really satisfying end result. One such “client” was a great couple from Dublin, Ireland – Clarie and Aodan. Clarie, as a doctor of art economics, knew perfectly well what she wanted and she described very precisely her dream table, or rather a dining set including a main table, a bench and two smaller coffee tables. From the very beginning, we felt that they had a special relationship with minimalism, with the rest like us, so we were able to understand their needs perfectly.

bespoke dining modern set _2
The bespoke set in Clarie and Aodan`s home – world-class photo made by owners


The whole project was based on the BLACK FOREST table, where the color of the oak top and metal frame was adjusted to the needs of Clarie and Aodan. We received very specific instructions from them regarding the shade of wood or the color of the frame. Together we agreed on the final finish and started the work.

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All our tables are made of unique wood. This wood often comes from truly extraordinary places and its history is written in wood grains.

oak wood planks
First step – selection of high-quality oak wood


Each piece of furniture made by us is entirely hand-made. We do not conduct mass production so we can devote a lot of time to each project and take care of its quality. We wouldn’t have done it without our wonderful craftsmen who put all their heart into their work.

workshop woodworker
Woodworker Tad just started to make a tabletop for the bespoke set project.


The main customizations for the project we called The Bespoke Set were choosing the right color of the tabletop and the table frame. Clarie sent us a picture of wood samples from which we selected the closest stain. In order to achieve the desired effect we needed several tests – it is not enough to choose the right stain, after oiling the color of the wood also changes a little, so many tests are needed.

powdercoat samples SFD Furniture Design
Powder coat samples were prepared for the table frame. The number 2 was selected (RAL 9005, with a very light structure)
bespoke set powdercoated black frame
This is what a finished powder-coated frame looks like, perfectly corresponding with a dark table top.
wood stains american walnut
bespoke dining qube
We managed to achieve such a color effect. It was approved by Clarie and Aodan!
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bespoke dining modern set
This is what the whole The Bespoke Set looks like.


Yes!, after several weeks of hard but satisfying work, The Bespoke Set went straight to Clarie and Aodan’s home in Dublin, Ireland. We are very happy that he found his new home (how beautiful!) and so perfectly fitted into the minimalistic character of the interior.

bespoke dining modern set _2
The attached picture speaks for itself.

Key features of our bespoke designs:

In our workshop, we take great pride in creating bespoke designs that capture the essence of individuality. Each piece we make is truly unique and reflects our commitment to providing our customers with exceptional, personalised experiences. Through open and engaging conversations, we strive for their utmost satisfaction and tailor our designs to their specific wishes and requirements. Furthermore, we are open to new and unusual ideas and fearlessly push the boundaries to bring innovative concepts to life.

VIRKERÅ: From design to delivery – Crafting a bespoke oak coffee table for Marbella

VIRKERÅ oak coffee table is one of the few bespoke oak furniture projects that has made it to Spain, to such a beautiful place as Marbella. The city is located right by the sea and the views are really breathtaking. John, who contacted us, dreamed of a handmade coffee table that would decorate its interior. Of course, we accepted the challenge and after a short conversation, we started working on the VIRKEÅ coffee table. You will also find more information about this in our previous post, today I will briefly try to show you the process we went through from design to delivery.

Puerto banus Marbella Spain
Marbella, Spain
Artur Przedzienkowski CEO SFD
Let`s start the design process and prototyping (designer: Artur Przedzienkowski)

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The next step is to choose the right wood.
Virkera handcrafted coffee table_3
The process of connecting the frame to the tabletop went smoothly.

Bespoke oak furniture from SFD Furniture Design

We are extremely pleased that we were able to tell a bit about some of the most interesting bespoke oak furniture designs. We hope that thanks to this you got to know SFD a little better! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to talk to you!

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In case of any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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SFD Furniture Design



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Virkera coffee table

VIRKERÅ live edge oak coffee table


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ALASKA modern oak dining table (+bench available)

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