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Unique live edge oak coffee table – VIRKERÅ. Explore its story

Unique live edge oak coffee table – VIRKERÅ. Explore its story

Make-to-order VIRKERÅ coffee table is now being finalised. We would like to share with you a short story about the creation of the furniture and invite you to our workshop.

VIRKERÅ: The timeless beauty of a reclaimed wood coffee table

This story truly can’t be told again. A reclaimed wood table that was designed many years ago – in 2014 in Stockholm after about 2 years of travelling around Scandinavia where we were looking for form, value and proper design for the emerging SFD brand. This design defended itself despite the passage of time. VIRKERÅ – a live edge coffee table that is always made to individual order and you will find only a few like this in the world. The original design and pattern are preserved, but always completely different because of the wonder of mother nature. Reclaimed wood, which we have been looking for a long time and storing for such “special occasions”, that’s why is different and unique in each case. 

Capturing the beauty of VIRKERÅ – A live edge coffee table

We managed to take a few photos of VIRKERÅ in our woodworking shop just moments before it set off on a beautiful trip to Marabella, a beautiful monastery in Spain. Enjoy!

1_Virkerå_reclaimed wood coffee table

2_Virkerå_reclaimed wood coffee table

3_Virkerå_reclaimed wood coffee table

Invitation to Shop
to see our products

4_Virkerå_reclaimed wood coffee table

GET BEST for your HOME

We love to create for you and together with you this beautiful story in every piece of our furniture. Let us know if you need our help.

If You found this article interesting, please visit our blog where you will learn more about Scandinavian design, lifestyle and our company.

In case of any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.


Artur Bieńko
SFD Furniture Design


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