Does design cheat us

by | May 9, 2020 | Archives: Design

Does design cheat us?

What does design really mean for me? … a collection of knowledge, experience and predictions that I implement into my work and then give it to the world for evaluation. However, the world most often judges it in a completely different way than I assumed – it is difficult to say whether better or worse. Just different. By subjecting the effect of my work to evaluation I find out that my intuitions, knowledge and predictions surprised me completely. I can say even that they “cheated” me in some way. And this is where the most interesting fun begins – really true meaning of this work. Now, while following and preserving “my” values and individual design, we are standing in front of fascinating confrontation with expectations, needs, surroundings, endurance, trends and existing cultural habits. This moment is priceless – full of perfect uncompromisingness, unpredictability and personal development. This is how I understand achieving perfection – not perfection of the goal, but perfection of the path, which is invaluable in my opinion.

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