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Tromsø, Norway – a winter holidays alternative

Tromsø, Norway – a winter holidays alternative

If you are looking for a slightly different way to spend your winter holidays, consider the Norwegian town of Tromso. We assure you that especially in winter it offers a lot of attractions and will certainly provide an unforgettable experience.

Scandinavian flair – feel the magic of Norway

Do you dream of seeing a polar aurora? Norwegian Tromsø and its surroundings are one of the best locations in the world to watch this charming light show in the northern sky! The perfect location a few hundred kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, a mild climate and very stable weather make it ideal for hunting for the aurora.

Tromsø and its surroundings are so charming and they are worth a visit in winter. The long polar night, modern architecture, harmonizing with historical buildings, interesting museums, open-minded people and closeness to nature will make this trip a heartbreaker and a memorable experience.

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Scandinavian life – Aurora Hunting

Tromsø is situated exactly in the middle of an area where polar aurora is common and the chance to see it is highest. Compared to Iceland, the weather in Tromsø is much more stable, the sky is less cloudy and the chances of seeing aurora are higher.

If you are lucky and you find the ideal conditions, you can even see the polar lights from the city. However, in order to fully appreciate the beauty of this natural – phenomenon, we recommend going outside the built-up area, to beautiful places in nature.

Norwegian Tromsø - aurora

Feel the magic of Scandinavia – a reindeer sleigh ride, visit the village of Saamas

The wilderness of the Arctic is home to the Saami people (descendants of the original inhabitants of Scandinavia) and a place where reindeer herds graze. We think a visit to their village could be an experience that you will not forget all your life.

In traditional sledges, pulled by reindeer, you are able to ride along the coast, admiring the beauty of the area. Do you dare to climb up the sleigh way between 300 wild reindeer to feed them? We’re sure you will!

Then the Saami surely invite you to a traditional hut to eat hot bidos (traditional Saami soup), listen to yokes (songs) and sit around the campfire and listen to the tales and legends.

the Saami people

the Saami people
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Scandinavian adventure – Arctic Gate, Tromsø

Tromsø, the largest city in northern Norway, is often referred to as the “Arctic Gateway”. This term appeared in the 19th century, along with many bold polar expeditions, including Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen. Situated 350 kilometres behind the Arctic Circle, however, it surprises with its mild climate – it is the influence of Golfszter, the warm Gulf Stream.

The city surprises with the number of interesting museums and modern architecture, harmoniously combining with historic buildings. You will find here the northernmost university, brewery and cathedral.

The Polar Museum, one of the 10 best objects of its kind in Norway, encourages us with an interesting and informative exhibition about the first polar expeditions and hunting in the Arctic (for whales, seals and bears).

The Arctic Cathedral is one of the most recognisable buildings in Tromsø and the public library in the centre is an example of beautiful, modern architecture.

Scandinavian adventure – Arctic Gate, Tromsø

Bring Scandinavian style into your home with SFD oak furniture

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If You found this article interesting, please visit our blog where you will learn more about Scandinavian naturelifestyle and our company.


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