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A passion for beauty of natural landscapes and an inspiration of Scandinavian design are two key factors which shape the philosophy of SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign. In processes of design and production of the furniture, we put great emphasis on quality and uniqueness. Our approach is in opposition to mass production, where a quantity, not a quality counts. Our furniture are a result of passion, considered designs and a careful and precise work. We cooperate with small local private companies that have great experience in working with such materials as wood, metals and glass. We use materials from Polish steel- and glassworks. Contrary to factories oriented at mass production, we put great attention on individual products. Each of our furniture is made with care, engagement and passion. A dialogue and a close cooperation with our experienced craftsmen – blacksmith, metalworker, glazier and carpenter –contribute positively to the final result of the production. Long and constructive discussions are particularly important to work out the best and most practical technical details. Fascination of natural landscape results in our attitude toward the careful selection of wood and its use. Many manufacturers reject the parts of wood with such features as streaks, knots, or splits. For us, the real beauty is in the variation. All these natural characteristics make the wood individual and unusual. With a choice of SFD, you will get unique furniture which will give your apartment identity and Scandinavian modern style.



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