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solid oak wood

As furniture manufacturers, we focus primarily on their uniqueness, timeless character and craftsmanship. In production, we use fragments of “forgotten” solid oak, spruce and pine wood, which is usually not used in furniture production. What most of the manufacturers of wooden products see as a flaw, for us, represents an exceptional value. We approach each piece of furniture individually, with great commitment. The wood is carefully selected by us, and the choice is determined by its structure, wood grain, cracks, knots, and natural colour variations. All these characteristics give the material a unique character. We want it to be preserved and strengthened as much as possible so that in the next stage of production, the wood is carefully handled with traditional techniques. As a result of the structuring process, the natural features of the material are more prominent. To protect the wood and provide it with strength, it is covered with a layer of natural organic oils.

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The nature of the wood makes each piece of furniture unique and the material, and more precisely its colour and texture, are not uniform and identical in every piece. These qualities, however, are a positive value and show the naturalness and uniqueness of the used material, while giving the furniture an individual character.

The durability of natural wood depends largely on its use, care and maintenance. Always use coasters under hot objects, such as coffee pots and cups. In case of any spill clean immediately with a damp, lint-free cloth. Should not be treated with soap or other cleaning agents. Wood should be protected from chemical, corrosive and strongly penetrating substances. Be extra careful when using alcohol or acidic substances such as vinegar and lemon juice. In case of any those substances have a contact with wooden surface, wipe it immediately with a damp cloth and then wipe it dry. For maintenance purposes, it is recommended to oil wood, once every six months.

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