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Our design principles derive mainly from inspirations and experiences that we gained during our journeys through the countries of the Northern Europe. They are also shaped by our passion for functionalism and Scandinavian style. We are strongly convinced that the quality of a living space is crucial for people’s well-being, life comfort and mental balance. Calmness is what we need nowadays as a remedy for frenetic pace of life, especially professional one, and as a counterbalance for chaos & diversity in architectural forms, shapes and colours that characterise contemporary urban landscapes. All the colours present on the streets, public places, etc., as well as the noises that we hear, stimulate permanently our senses what causes tiredness and increases stress. To get relief we need living spaces which are harmonious and neutral. Furniture is a substantial part of our interiors. The ones with simple forms, designed in a minimalist style, contribute positively to this feeling of harmony. Our work begins with a pencil and a sketchbook. We create sketches and models which are starting points for following numerous discussions about design solutions and construction details. Brainstorms and an exchange of thoughts are helpful to evolve the initial ideas, work on them further and finally to prepare construction drawings. We avoid rush in the design process, since the design itself is for us the most significant part of the project. Our philosophy is to create furniture which are not only visually attractive, but are functional and serve convenient and multi-functional use. Referring to Scandinavian style, we place great importance on materials. We use steel of the highest quality as a construction frame and solid wood as a material for table tops, shelves, etc. We pay great attention to the selection process of the wood. Each furniture & element is unique and is characterized by the individual structure, wooden rings, diversified hue and colors. Combination of these two materials makes our furniture stable and robust. Wood introduces cosy ambience to interiors. We design simple and modern furniture of harmonic colours which – also thanks to their functionality – are universal and can be used in interiors arranged in various styles. They fit perfectly to apartments and flats designed in a minimalist style, but also to the ones arranged in a more classic or traditional way. They also can be used successfully in industrial or Provencal interiors. Our furniture give the interiors a unique character and identity. Depending on the product/ model they constitute a distinct element or a subtle accent of the space.



  • handmade oak dining table

    BLACK FOREST modern oak dining table

     1,330 2,870
  • BASIC NIO modern table

    BASIC NIO modern oak dining and kitchen table

     890 2,870
  • BASIC TRE kitchen table

    BASIC TRE oak dining room and kitchen table

     890 2,870



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