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Customer service

Customer service

Our philosophy bases on two important pillars: professionalism and high quality. We follow these values not only during a design or production process but also during our contact with customers. Their satisfaction is our aim which we want to reach in any online or personal contact. We care for friendly, efficient and professional communication.

We offer you a user-friendly website with an online shop, which enables you to do the shopping in a coherent, transparent and easy way. Each of our products is precisely described and illustrated by photos or visualisations. When it is needed, we provide additional photos or detailed information about technical parameters or the proper use of furniture. We offer various payment possibilities (money transfer, PayPal and PayU) and provide transport and delivery of our products.

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A customer is informed about each phase of the order – a successful payment, the beginning of the work on the furniture, progress and the end of work. We discuss the possible (suitable for the purchaser) dates for delivery. With a product, you will get a leaflet with all the most important information about the use and maintenance of the product. Of course, we provide you with any piece of advice at any time later, after the purchase. Customer service is one of our priorities. Satisfied customers give us enormous pleasure and are confirmation that our passion and work result in decent and high-quality furniture.

In case of any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.



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