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Kungsleden. All you need to know about Swedish Hiking Trail

Kungsleden. All you need to know about Swedish Hiking Trail

Kungsleden trail – for the brave ones and those who appreciate the beauty of nature

We would like to invite you on an extraordinary journey through the beautiful Swedish landscapes and show you how inspiring and beautiful nature can be. Walking the Kungsleden hiking trail (King`s Trail) in the Swedish part of Lapland is unforgettable. It doesn’t matter if you have the entire 440 km trail behind you or just a part of it.

Kungsleden hiking Trail in Lapland
Long distance Hiker on the Kungsleden hiking Trail in Lapland – Sweden

The King`s Trail consists of two parts – the northern part with a length of 440 km and the southern part with a length of 350 km. The more demanding northern part, stretching between Abisko and Hemavan, is also the most popular among hikers. It is very well marked in the field and leads through the mountain tundra, numerous rivers and lakes and peat bogs. Hiking the Kungsleden you will cross the Arctic Circle and also have the opportunity to see the oldest national park in Europe – Sarek, protecting the Alpine landscape of the Scandinavian Mountains. It is also worth sloping a bit from the trail to reach the highest peak of Sweden – Kebnekaise (2097m above sea level).

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Kungsleden kungsleden hiking trail sign, Lapland, Sweden
Kungsleden kungsleden hiking trail sign, Lapland, Sweden

Kungsleden trail best time

A hike through Kungsleden is a dream come true for many lovers of northern landscapes and long-distance trekking. It is an adventure in one of the most sparsely populated areas of Europe, filled with stunning nature, taiga and tundra, as well as scenic but harsh landscapes. The route is most often covered in summer – from June to September. At this latitude is bright 24 hours a day. It is worth remembering that at the beginning and end of the season, conditions can be much more difficult than in the middle of summer – in many places snow can lie and could be very wet. More experienced tourists also go to Kungsleden in winter on skis – the incredible and dazzling scenery is created by the aurora lights that illuminate the night sky above their heads.

Kungsleden how to get there?

The best way to get to Kungsleden is by train to Abisko. You can also fly to nearby Kiruna and only from here to Abisko. Further on, the only adventure that awaits us is the mountain path and nature. You can go on a hike with your own tent and provisions – this is undoubtedly the cheapest solution and at the same time gives full independence. In the Scandinavian countries, there is the so-called Allemansrätten, an unwritten rule that everyone has the right to contact nature. Thanks to this it is possible to pitch the tent practically anywhere and enjoy the benefits of nature. Such practices do not have a negative impact on the environment, which Scandinavians take care of every step of the way.

Kungsleden preparation

On the Royal Route, you can also use mountain shelters and cottages built at an interval of about one day on the road. In many of them, you can buy food products, but their prices are much higher than in stores. If you want to use the accommodation in hostels and cottages should earn membership in the STF (Swedish Tourist Board), then you can count on discounts for accommodation. Even in the middle of summer, Kungsleden is the place to take the right clothes for all weather conditions, as the weather can change quickly – comfortable waterproof shoes and decent rainwear as well as mosquito repellent are essential. The best thing to do is to use insecticides available on the spot.

Hiker with Tent on the Kungsleden in Lapland – Sweden
Hiker with Tent on the Kungsleden in Lapland – Sweden
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The Kungsleden hike is a unique trekking adventure. Although in the wilderness and north, it is definitely within our reach. While walking along the Royal Route we will certainly also be able to see good practices used by ordinary Scandinavians to protect their treasure which is nature. After that, we will gain a completely different perspective on the relationship between man and the environment

Footbridge leading up to mountains along the hike of Kungsleden in northern Sweden during autumn
Footbridge leading up to mountains along the hike of Kungsleden in northern Sweden during autumn

Kungsleden Sweden – a magical place of our inspiration

While hiking the Scandinavian trails, we learned about the local culture, love of nature and sustainability. We took full advantage of the enchanting landscapes and drew inspiration, which resulted in the creation of the SFD Furniture Design brand. We offer handmade oak furniture that is imbued with the magic of Scandinavia from the very beginning of production to the final result. Discover our products and bring a touch of Scandinavian climate into your Home

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