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Just to let you know, SFD is open and we are carrying on as always.

Just to let you know, SFD is open and we are carrying on as always.

How to Hygge? 5 most popular additions according to this philosophy.

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Design, Furniture, Life style

Hygge is the art form of creating intimacy in any given moment. Normally a social occasion for loved ones to get together to experience the warmth and contentment of the event, it can also be enjoyed alone to calm the nerves and sooth the senses. An idea which not only breaches weather and seasonal barriers but also social ones, it is something that has spread through to every aspect of Scandinavian living to become a part of the national consciousness.

You can hygge with a good book curled up on a sofa or with friends around the fire or dinner table, even places can be hyggeligt (hygge-like), demonstrating just how far the notion reaches.

1. Atmospheric candles

Candles turn a classic white, clean Scandinavian interior into a cozy, warm place. That is the reason why they are the foundation of the hygge philosophy. In Scandinavia, even Hygge fragrance candles were invented – with notes of brewed tea, baked strawberry cake, rose petals and wild mint for the ultimate hyggelish experience.

2. Add textures

All kinds of textured accessories such as think chunky knit cushions, faux fur throws, fluffy woolen rugs or cashmere accessories are crucial to achieve the Hygge style. Additionally, they are very trendy now and with the mentioned candles – create an incredibly cozy, intimate atmosphere.

3. Invest in comfortable pajamas

Remember Hygge style is not only about comfort but also simplicity. Give up extravagant, expensive clothes. All you need is a simple, comfortable one-piece or two-piece pajamas. Today the choice is so wide and the combinations are almost endless. We recommend a practical, healthy and ecological cotton 🙂

4. Don’t forget about your feet.

Feet are extremely sensitive to temperature changes. If they are cooled down, it affects our mood. That’s why soft cotton or wool socks are a must. Comfortable slippers could be perfect addition – unless you feel more relaxed without them 🙂

5. Surround yourself with natural wood furniture

Solid wood is an addition to the interior, which is very pleasant and warm. Furniture made of it totally change the atmosphere of the room, their natural color is not only relaxing but also perfectly corresponds with the modern Scandinavian style.

Artur Bieńko
SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign


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