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Inspirations and decoration ideas for boho style in your Home

Inspirations and decoration ideas for boho style in your Home

The Boho style is an excellent choice for home decor. It directly references nature through the use of materials and accessories. It’s worth exploring inspirations and ideas for decorations in this style.

Boho style at Home – What colors and furniture to choose?

Since the boho style harmonizes with nature through colors and materials, it’s perfect for incorporating SFD Furniture Design wooden furniture, including options like a natural wood dining table. Oak furniture can be an excellent choice, as well as lightweight rattan or bamboo furniture. For oak furniture, you can opt for a light brown color that complements beige or brown walls. Green shades, such as mint, also work well. Various pastels that complement wooden furniture are suitable. In the living room, a round oak table, paired with light chairs made of oak or rattan with openwork backs and woven seats can be a good choice. Wicker placemats and a ceramic vase with feathers, such as ostrich feathers, or pampas grass, will beautifully adorn the table. 

Feathers are ideal for the boho style, emphasizing its lightness and relaxing atmosphere. Wicker baskets and wooden wall shelves, where hanging plants like ferns can be displayed, also work well. Boho style is not limited to oak furniture; upholstered furniture fits the style too. Elegant chairs with wooden legs and upholstery quilting can be chosen. A wingback chair, such as a mustard-colored chair from Meble Kukułka, can work well with light wood. Metal-framed shelves with wooden shelves are also a good choice for displaying books and creating a library, complemented by additional greenery, which is never too much in boho style. Additionally, consider incorporating a white dining table for a fresh and versatile touch to enhance the boho aesthetic.

Mustard-colored wingback chair – Meble Kukułka
(You can find all products from Meble Kukułka at the bottom of the article)

Accessories and decorations essential for boho style

In addition to the mentioned decorations, the boho style should include decorative pillows with linen or cotton covers in a solid color, adorned with embroidery or fringes. They complement beautifully upholstered furniture, such as tufted sofas in shades of gray, mustard, or classic brown. Additionally, macramé cannot be forgotten; it is the quintessence of boho style. These characteristic knotted decorations add coziness to the interior and look great on the wall or suspended under a wooden, openwork lamp.

Gray two-seater sofa – Meble Kukułka
(You can find all products from Meble Kukułka at the bottom of the article)

If you are wondering what plants to choose for a boho-style interior, ferns should not be missing in the dining room, living room, or even the kitchen. Palms are also an excellent choice for creating an urban jungle atmosphere. They can be placed in wooden or aged ceramic pots. Wooden and upholstered furniture that complements boho style goes well with decorative stone that can adorn one of the walls. Rugs, especially those with fringes, are also a good addition to add warmth to the interior. Light linen curtains will look beautiful in the space. A home decorated in this way will be an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Meble Kukułka products featured in the article:

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