The perfect table for the living room. 5 rules.

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If you have come to the conclusion that it is time to replace your previous fated table on which you have been eating for many years- this article is for you 🙂
Unfortunately, at the moment the market is very saturated and it can be a difficult task. I understand that and I run with help!

To make the process a little easier, I`m presenting 5 simple rules that you should know before buying a dining table:

1) Always choose a table that is slightly bigger than YOU think.

When choosing furniture, customers are often guided by the number of occupants who will use it. For this reason, it often happens that they decide on a table far too small compared to the size of a living room. This looks very bad and the proportions are distorted. Don’t be afraid of bigger tables, of course don’t exaggerate the size 😉 (For smaller rooms the advice is below)

2) Choose a round table if you’re short on space.

Round tables are a great compact use of space. They tend to have smaller footprints than rectangular or square, so you can usually fit them into a space that isn’t ideal for a different type of table. They’re also great for in-kitchen dining spaces, breakfast nooks, and open-concept living-eating areas. If you need a few extra plates for unexpected guests, choose the round folding table. Enlarging it takes a moment.

3) Always leave the space around the table free.

Before buying, try to choose a table that leaves at least 1 meter of space behind when you put up the chairs. It will be used for easy moving of the chairs and trouble-free taking up space by household members or guests.

4) Don’t be afraid of metal tables.

Legs made of metal are much more durable than wooden ones, they can also better match the color of the room. Current powder coating technology allows to paint them in any color. This type of coating is much more durable than traditional methods. Such a table is also much more stable.

5) Pay attention to table supports.

Remember that this is related to the number of people who will be able to sit at it. We can differentiate between legs, pedestal or a trestle. The last one is the least practical and reduces the space for users’ legs. A good choice are minimalist Scandinavian tables with plenty of space underneath. In this case, the problem is practically non-existent.


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