10 Stylish Scandinavian Living Room Ideas

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Scandinavian style can be considered as a new approach for a living room design in your house. It has several characteristics that can be said quite distinctive. Those are simple and functional. Actually, the functionality of the Scandinavian living room ideas comes from the climate of northern Europe where Scandinavian countries exactly located. As they must experience with a long and heavy winter, they choose to utilize furniture that can handle the humidity. Since they prioritize functionality, the look itself is abandoned. That’s where simplicity barges in.
While, talking about the Scandinavian’s living room style of colors usually if you look at those models attentively, there are two colors which become the signature of kind of that style, they are grey and white. As you know, that white and grey resembles simplicity. Moreover, they can make the living room feel light and airy. Of course, if only they are in white and grey, thus the room may become too plain. To overcome such that trivial problem, you are able to add some pops of colors, such as navy blue on the armchair, the yellow custard on the pillow case, and the natural wooden brown on the decoration.


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