The IGLOOTEL, Lapland. An amazing opportunity for those looking for unusual winter experiences.

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The IGLOOTEL Lapland is a unique and memorable event location close to the Arctic Circle and surrounded by gorgeous and partly untouched nature.

End of November, when the temperature starts to sink to areas around freezing point the complex begins to be built by use of snow blower, special balloons and lots of muscle power. The cooperation with hotel partner Silver Resort enabled IGLOOTEL to arise on a beautiful 40 hectare piece of land in Arjeplog, Swedish Lapland.

IGLOOTEL Lapland offers many opportunities and it does not matter if you are travelling alone, as a couple, with your family or in groups. Guests can choose between standard (up to 6 persons) and romantic IGLOOs (max. 2 persons), they can use the wooden outdoor sauna or relax in one of bubbly hot tubs for a memorable experience under the open arctic sky. And with a bit of luck, the mystic Northern Lights will mesmerize you. Another special fact about IGLOOTEL is the artistic design. You can drink out of ice glasses at our snow bar and if you do not want to dance you can just sit down on warm reindeer skins and enjoy the unique atmosphere at permanent 0 to -4°C.


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