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Soft minimalism. New interior-design style

Soft minimalism. New interior-design style

The term ‘soft minimalism’ has been around for a while now, with designers from Norm Architects being key campaigners of this trend. This warm, liveable and soft style of minimalism isn’t to be mistaken with any kind of flowery, quaint or vintage style. It is modernist and minimal with soft tones, ergonomic design and conscious consumerism.

Embracing soft minimalism: Creating serene spaces with neutrals, natural materials, and timeless style

Soft minimalism starts with light, plain neutrals as a base. So, choose simple painted walls in white or one of the ‘new neutrals’ – mist grey, sand, or beige for example. Yes, really, beige. It’s no longer an interior swear word.

When it comes to your walls, floors and wooden furniture, think of clean modern lines and simple decorating. Avoid the visual noise of patterns or swathes of bright colour.

Then, onto this blank canvas, introduce some tone-complementing colour, rounded or organic shapes, natural materials (timber, ceramics, or linen for example) and texture – to soften the look, and add personality and heart to a space. Just don’t over-accessorise.

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Soft minimalism might ask you to pare your possessions right back, but it’s also about really loving what you own. You don’t need four teapots clattering around in the cupboard – just have one teapot, that you adore. Avoid fast trends in favour of timeless style, and choose quality, so it lasts. This is conscious consumerism for the stylish.

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Soft minimalism and solid oak furniture: A harmonious combination of simplicity and natural beauty

Soft minimalism and solid oak furniture go hand in hand to create a harmonious blend of simplicity, elegance and natural beauty. One of the main features of soft minimalism is the emphasis on natural materials, and solid oak is a prime example. Using solid oak furniture brings a sense of nature into the home and connects the space to the earthy elements. The rich texture of the wood and its warm, earthy tones create a calming and inviting ambience. Whether it is a solid oak dining table, coffee table or bookcase, the presence of solid oak furniture adds depth and character to a minimalist space.

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Another advantage of solid oak furniture in soft minimalism is its versatility. Oak blends seamlessly into different design styles and is therefore timeless. It can be integrated into both modern and traditional interiors and offers a sense of continuity and longevity. The durability of oak wood ensures that the furniture can withstand the test of time and be treasured for generations.

Soft minimalism encourages mindful consumption and conscious choices. When you invest in solid oak furniture, you are not only choosing high-quality craftsmanship but also sustainable materials. Oak is a renewable resource whose longevity reduces the need for frequent replacement, contributing to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Soft minimalism bedroom illustration

Soft minimalism illustration

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In conclusion, soft minimalism offers a warm, liveable, and soft approach to minimalistic design. By incorporating light, plain neutrals, clean lines, natural materials, and a curated selection of possessions, you can create serene spaces that exude simplicity, tranquillity, and timeless elegance. Embrace soft minimalism and embark on a journey of conscious living and thoughtful design.

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SLICE BLACK oak dining table

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FJÄRIL WHITE round non-/extendable oak table

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