“Lagom” – new recipe for happy life from Sweden II

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Lagom, like hygge, is difficult to translate into English. It’s about a lifestyle in which we try to maintain balance. Nothing should be either too much or too little. This balance applies to all spheres of life.

While other fads might have you running for copper plated mugs or crystal chandeliers, lagom will take use of much of what you own already, while still giving you the refreshed, clean feel that you’re looking for. Try some of the following tips to incorporate lagom into your home, so you can begin relaxing in a peaceful environment that gives off good vibes and encourages peaceful thoughts.

1. Use Natural Light

Sweden doesn’t have the same kind of weather that other European countries are used to. They endure very long winters that are mostly dark, and long, bright summer days. That’s why they use natural lighting so much in their decorating: When it’s there, they want to soak it in as much as possible.

2. Find Useful and Beautiful Objects

Lagom is a practice that places emphasis on time with family and friends. It’s all about enjoying life, so you no longer have to feel like you need to match your home to a magazine cover.

Make your living space more authentic by using useful yet beautiful objects around your home. Find a simple side table and put it next to a couch that acts as the statement piece of the living room. Both are useful and work to promote the same design concept.

3. Always use Natural Materials

Much like using natural light in your home, you should evoke nature in the materials that comprise each room, as well. Consider redoing your floors or kitchen cabinets with reclaimed wood, which provides a more authentic look and doesn’t put any production strain on the environment.

4. More plants!

Bring more of the natural world into your home with lots of plants set up in the areas you spend the most time. Even if you’re a gardening beginner, you can choose to grow easy indoor houseplants that are guaranteed to survive even the biggest green thumb mistakes. You’ll end up loving the way the soft, green plants contrast your bold colors and furniture.

Once you learn that the basic concepts of lagom are about embracing the natural world, throwing away what you don’t need, and choosing to be bold in your room designs, it’s easy to start implementing it in your own life. You’ll immediately begin to feel the relaxing effects of having a stylish but simple home, and you’ll never want to go back to the cluttered chaos you dealt with before.

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