“Lagom” – new recipe for happy life from Sweden

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Lagom, like hygge, is difficult to translate into English. It’s about a lifestyle in which we try to maintain balance. Nothing should be either too much or too little. This balance applies to all spheres of life.

In the deliberations on the concept of lagom, most often one can find a reference to the Swedish phrase “lagom är bäst”, simply translated as “just right”. In Swedish, the term ‘lagom’ fits into the description of many aspects of life: the appearance of rooms, everyday styling, weather conditions and state of mind. The lagom lifestyle is a constant search for balance and harmony. In order to comply with the camps, it is worthwhile to maintain a balance between private and professional life, to find time for hobbies and for people close to you. Of course, this cannot be achieved immediately – the key is the method of small steps and introducing small (though significant) changes. The Swedish concept of the lagom can be used, e.g. by developing a plan for New Year’s decisions. More effective saving, less stress, more physical activity, time for passions – all this fits into the lagom.

Lagom vs. hygge – what are the differences?

It is easier to understand the lagom if you compare it with the hygge philosophy. In the second one, there are moments of bliss and wellbeing, which you can put yourself into using simple tips. Lagom, on the other hand, is a lifestyle, a much broader approach to everyday life.

In the lagom, health is very important – also in terms of diet or activity. Therefore, following the assumptions of lagom, it is worth to reach for healthy products, while in hygge more often you can be tempted to sweets or high-calorie drinks (like hot chocolate with numerous additives). Lazy relaxation in front of a fireplace is the essence of hygge, in lagom – yes, it is worth finding time for such pleasures, but in moderation! Sport is equally important.

Lagom on a daily basis

How to follow the philosophy of lagom in everyday life? Here are some tips:

Healthy eating: use the most natural products in your diet – preferably from your own crops.

Ergonomics: a comfortable place to work and healthy working conditions are essential! The same thing should be considered at home.

Ecology and the environment: The Swedes are known for their rigorous waste segregation, but they have achieved amazing results in this area. It’s worth practicing good habits: use bags and reusable packaging, don’t waste food and try to reuse different raw materials at home.

Saving water and energy: according to the lagom “not too much, not too little, just right”. Such saving is a big relief for the environment and, by the way, for wallets.

Control of heating: this is especially important in winter. It is important to insulate all rooms in such a way as to protect against heat losses. In this way, we will also reduce heating bills.


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