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What does “Scandinavian” mean to you?

What does Scandinavian mean to you

The term “Scandinavian” evokes a variety of thoughts and images that differ from person to person. Some think of the breathtaking landscapes of Norway with its majestic fjords and unspoiled nature. Others associate it with the simple and minimalist design of Danish furniture and the Danish lifestyle. The Danish concept of “hygge”, which emphasises cosiness and contentment, may leave a deep impression on some people. Finland’s sauna culture and its connection to well-being might be a defining feature of “Scandinavian” for others.

Exploring stereotypes: Unveiling perceptions of Scandinavia’s individual countries

You have probably heard more than once about Scandinavia as a whole or have an idea of the individual countries that make up this region of northern Europe. Recently we have been curious whether our friends think the same thing about this region as we do. We played a game of association with them. They had to answer what they associated with a particular Scandinavian country. Here are the answers we obtained: 

Sweden – Winter, Snow, Volvo, Pipi Langstrumpf, The Queen, IKEA, Abba

Norway – Vikings! Great nature, Eco, Red Houses, 

Denmark – The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen, Lots of bikes 

Finland – Nokia (Connecting People), Moomins, Sauna

Do you have similar feelings? We do too, if you look at these countries stereotypically. 

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Embracing Scandinavian wonders: Immersing in nature, culture, and enduring traditions

But we have been tempted to explore the subject and find something really special and inspiring in Scandinavia. One such element is beautiful, immaculate nature. Swedish forests or Norwegian mountains are for us an everyday dose of new ideas. We must not forget about the culture – “hygge” philosophy, Lagom or lesser known Norwegian KOS help us to find our individual style and inner peace, which we try to share with you. We also draw our inspiration from old cultures and habits. The so-called Sami People, who have lived in this region for over 3500 years, are an excellent example. Isn’t it wonderful that their descendants are still continuing their traditions today? We can still learn so much from them, especially in the field of crafts. 

Discovering the Essence of “Scandinavian”: A Personal Journey into Nordic Culture and Perceptions

Ultimately, what “Scandinavian” means to each individual is a personal interpretation, influenced by personal experiences, cultural backgrounds, and individual perceptions. It is a dynamic and ever-evolving concept that continues to captivate and inspire people around the world. 

Scandinavia is much more for us – a place full of inspiration and new challenges. We try to put this into every piece of solid oak furniture that we create in order to give you a bit of this extraordinary place.

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So, what does “Scandinavian” really mean to you? It’s an invitation to explore, appreciate, and celebrate the diverse and captivating tapestry of Nordic cultures and the unique experiences they offer. We leave the answer to you.

If You found this article interesting, please visit our blog where you will learn more about Scandinavian culture, lifestyle and our company.


Artur Bieńko
SFD Furniture Design

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