SLICE NATURE solid natural oak table. Crafted by Nature & Raw Wood Effect.

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Raw wood furniture is becoming increasingly popular, as people seek to add a more natural feel to their Homes. Natural raw wood finishing allows the natural beauty of the wood grain to shine through. It is also a more environmentally friendly option as there are no chemicals used in the process. At SFD Furniture Design, we care for the environment and nature, and we move with the times. We are constantly trying to improve the current design of our dining tables, but we also create completely new models. An example of this is the SLICE NATURE, designed and handcrafted entirely by SFD. In the article below we briefly present a part of the design process, our assumptions and the final product.

Table of contents:

  1. Nature’s Art: The Beauty of Slice Nature oak dining table
  2. Amazing effects – unique and fully preserved oak dining table
  3. Benefits of solid natural oak dining tables

Nature’s Art: The Beauty of Slice Nature oak dining table

The Slice Nature dining table was made entirely by hand from solid oak wood oiled with a unique blend of oils and waxes to preserve the natural raw character of the wood. It was a great challenge to achieve the intended result.

Slice Nature oak dining table

Its characteristic feature is a longitudinal slit running through the top, dividing it into two symmetrical parts. It makes the table seem lighter and takes on a minimalist, Scandinavian character. The use of oak wood for both the top and the base has been inspired by Japanese dining tables where solid wood is the main building material, and the hand-crafted, detailed workmanship emphasizes the special importance of the table in our Home.

The Slice Nature table was created as a natural development of our previous table models – Slice Black and Slice White. The main difference in these models is the use of a different color of oil on the tabletop and the use of a steel powder-coated frame.

The longitudinal slit running through the top of Slice Nature oak dining table

Raw oak finishing: Years of development 

The design of a new table model with the raw wood finish is not created overnight. It is a demanding and long-lasting process, preceded by numerous material and constructional tests and trials. Just like in the car industry, where several years are spent on developing a new color for the car body, here too it is a long process. Choosing the right oil, which will protect oak wood and at the same time will bring out its beautiful grain and structure, requires many trials. Eventually, we managed to achieve the right effect, which we are satisfied with. This colouring is called natural oak, very subtle but also resistant enough to protect the wood. If you want to learn more about raw oak finishing, we invite you to our article about solid oak dining tables and natural raw wood finish.

In our workshop, we coat oak wood with up to five layers of oil and wax. The time it takes to oil the wood is at least two weeks.

The picture shows a raw oak plank in comparison with the Slice Nature table top covered with several layers of natural oil. Our goal was to achieve the effect of raw wood but at the same time properly preserved.


People who enjoy simplicity, bright colors, and living in harmony with nature will love the raw wood finishing, which is frequently used in boho, Scandinavian, and minimalist styles.


Amazing effects – unique and fully preserved oak dining table

Our goal was to achieve the effect of natural, raw, simple, and protected wood – this was possible due to numerous oil tests. We think we managed to create a table for people who like simplicity and living according to nature. At the same time Scandinavian in character. A table that can be understood as applied art, gives character to the whole interior.

Oak wood with a raw finish is more enduring and damage-resistant. Because of this, our Slice Nature oak dining table is perfect for use in spaces like dining rooms.


With this style of finish, the wood looks natural and highlights all of its wonderful flaws.

Benefits of solid natural oak dining tables

One of the main benefits of having a Slice Nature solid natural oak dining table is its durability. This type of wood is one of the most durable, meaning your table will last for many years. It is also a very strong wood, which makes it ideal for a family that likes to entertain. Another great benefit of owning a solid natural oak dining table is its natural beauty. Oak has a simply stunning and very unique grain pattern. It is also a very warm wood, which means that it will create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere in your dining room. Finally, solid natural oak dining tables are very easy to care for. This type of wood is resistant to stains and scratches, so you won’t have to worry about your table looking its best. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and it will look like new again. SFD Furniture Design handmade oak dining tables are the ideal option for those who value fine craftsmanship and unique design. With our Slice Nature solid natural oak dining table, you will bring nature to your Home.

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