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Just to let you know, SFD is open and we are carrying on as always.

Just to let you know, SFD is open and we are carrying on as always.

New MÅNE WHITE extendable dining table. The Story of Moon Light.

by | Sep 29, 2019 | Design, Furniture

New MÅNE WHITE expandable dining table. The Story of Moon Light.

Have you ever wondered why the moon is shining? In fact, it does not emit light itself – it shines with light reflected from the sun. This phenomenon inspired us to create a new round table. We wanted to charge it with positive, warm, family energy, which it will be able to share. This way MÅNE WHITE could become the central point of the home. A unique place for conversations, dining or playtime which you can easily expand. 

Like the moon, it reflects invisible aura – the aura of home warmth and happiness. From today MÅNE WHITE can share this Nordic philosophy and unique form with all Scandinavian-design lovers.


Artur Bieńko

SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign


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