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10 ideas of Christmas table settings to keep your solid oak furniture bright

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 Decorating your dining table can be a great way to take advantage of every space in your home during the holiday season if you’re always seeking new ways to bring the holiday spirit into your home. A variety of Christmas table settings can be made by you or your kids, or purchased without breaking the bank. There are virtually endless options that will enhance your Christmas celebration this year.

In this article, we will focus on inspiration and our own table decorating ideas that work best with solid oak tables in our opinion. We hope this information will be helpful and inspire you to prepare a festive atmosphere for the holidays.

1. Christmas Tree Napkin Folding Idea

Amazingly easy, this Christmas tree napkin will awe your guests! You just need a few large linen napkins to get started.

Check the tutorial HERE:

Christmas table decorations

2. Ceramic vases centerpiece

 Everyone can make this. You just need some fresh greens from the grocery store and then cut off a few branches and arrange them in small white vases. You’ll need at least 15-20 small white vases.

Christmas table decorations

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Christmas table decorations

3. Garland centerpiece

 An elegant combination of fresh greenery, red berries, and glowing candles makes for an elegant gathering.

Christmas table decorations

4. Pomegranate and Cranberries

  You can also combine fresh or faux eucalyptus with rich red fruits and berries for your holiday table decorating.

Table decor wih flowers
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5. Natural solid wood Christmas table setting

 Put a burlap cloth and wood slice under your dinnerware to create a beautiful base, and complete your table setting with a piece of greenery from your centerpiece.

Serve Christmas table

6. Minimalistic atmosphere

 Below are two different examples – the first prepared on the FJARIL BLACK table -for those who want to break a bit with tradition . Despite the lack of typically festive elements in the table decor, we still managed to get a warm atmosphere, all in a minimalist style. The second table (FINT WHITE) was decorated in Swedish style, using typical ornaments so popular in Scandinavia

Serve cosy Christmas table

Oval wooden table

Cosy Christmas table with candles

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Cosy Christmas decorations with candles

7. Aromatic Centerpiece

 Immediately attract attention by displaying pine boughs, pine cones, oranges, cloves, and pinecones on a silver tray.

Oranges table decoration

8. Last-minute Christmas table setting

You have absolutely no idea how to decorate the Christmas table or you ran out of time? Do not worry, if you are a fan of minimalism, here is our proposal. Just go to the nearby florist and ask for a few dried decorative branches, they will surely advise you something. This decoration composes perfectly with our customer`s BASIC NIO II table:

Solid wood table top

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9. Mini Cranberry Wreath Place Cards

  You can make them easily using cranberries, tree trimmings, and kraft paper tags. Just string the cranberries onto a wire, twist it around, and tie a flag on each.

Trendy Christmas decoration

10. Mini Cranberry Wreath Place Cards

 You can make them easily using cranberries, tree trimmings, and kraft paper tags. Just string the cranberries onto a wire, twist it around, and tie a flag on each.

Wooden decoration

If you liked the article and want to learn more about that topic please contact us, we are happy to answer all your questions.

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