About SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign

Important values that we follow:

High quality design

In our work we aim to perfection. We constantly look for new forms, solutions and technical details. We combine creativity with functionalism and try to keep our products in possibly minimalist style.

Traditional craftsmanship

All the SFD products are handmade. They are produced by experienced craftsmen with great skills and passion. We use local materials of the highest quality. With a precise and hard work, we give our furniture a unique character and strong identity.


Nature inspires us to design and evoke new ideas. The main material of our furniture is solid wood, which presents natural beauty and has always unusual character. By choosing material with natural features, we want to introduce a piece of nature into people’s flats and apartments.

Your expectations

Your needs are most important to us. They lead us in in the way of developing new, even better furniture. Our products are designed to meet even the most demanding expectations. We are grateful for all the feedback and suggestions!

#Stay_Together and meet our team

SFD is not just about furniture! …Rather the values and uniqueness of the people who make up this brand.    We left one place for you at our table. Welcome!

We also stay in our homes and shops, in this way we are trying to take care of others. This is a special time. It seems to us that human relations at the moment will be crucial for the development of the whole situation. That’s why we want to let you get to know us even better, share our thoughts, bring the team closer and show how we work:

A man who requires concentration – cannot be disturbed at work 🙂

Sławek - ironsmith

An artistic soul, full of emotions and feelings, every centimeter of wood has value and great meaning for him, Cat – Czarek and dog Pluto are his support in everyday work

Tad - woodworker

A person who sees things invisible to others, details, values and solutions ignored by the whole team. In this way she often helps in finding creative ideas. She is a person with a big heart and also bakes a delicious cinnamon cake.

Ewa - Curator and founder of SFD

Like every woman I love warm, cozy, full of happiness HOME. -- Welcome HOME

Simply loves and understands people, nobody like him can understand the essence of the subject and respond to every need. Maybe the mountain expeditions that he loves so much allow him to look at the whole world with distance and understanding.

Maciek - Designer and Customer Service

Everyday is a new journey.

Insane” man , extremely concentrated, closed in his world. But he is also able to look at the general view, this ability    has helped to safe many important projects.

Mariusz - IT and graphics

Mnimalism, the value of every line and word is of great importance to him. He sees invisible to others, constantly looking for better solutions. He believes that the value of the message and legibility of a brand cannot remain unclear.

Artur B, - marketing

He constantly keeps searching, gets up very early every day to find answers to millions of questions, travels, designs and creates – constantly on the move.   

Artur P - Designer, maker and founder of SFD.

Three things that lead me through the path of life and design are simplicity, liberty of movement and journey. Without them I have never reached the goal and sense of true happiness..



SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign furniture, base on the most noble of natural materials – wood, which we treat with the utmost respect. We create solid wood furniture in Scandinavian style, that can give the interiors a sense of cosiness and charm. They are produced in small quantities, using only specially selected pieces of the material, as every piece of wood is as unique as a persons fingerprint. In our work we take care of every detail, highlighting the natural features of the wood and its beautiful imperfections. In this way we discover unique patterns of wood grain and texture, making every piece of our furniture very special.

Eat, talk, laugh…

                                                                         at SFD dining tables