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Just to let you know, SFD is open and we are carrying on as always.

Just to let you know, SFD is open and we are carrying on as always.

The Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter referred to as the „RODO”) shall enter into force on 25 May 2018. The GDPR shall be in force within identical extent in all Member States of the European Union, also in Poland and it implements numerous amendments to the regulations governing the processing of personal data which will affect numerous life areas, including the use of Internet services. By this notice, we present the summary of the most significant issues concerning the processing of Your personal data that may take effect after 25 May 2018 in relation to the use of our service. We kindly request you to read the following information.

Personal Data.

Under the GDPR, the personal data shall be considered the information of identified or identifiable natural person. When using our websites, these data include, for example, address, e-mail, IP address, telephone number, account information in any other services offered by SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski and its affiliates. The personal data may be recorded in cookies files or similar technologies (e.g. local storage) installed by SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski and its affiliates on its websites and devices used when taking advantage of their services.
Purpose and Basis of Data Processing.
Processing Personal Data requires that relevant legal basis be provided. The GDPR specifies a few types of legal grounds for data processing; when using the services, there will in general three of them: 1. A need to process the data when executing or performing an agreement to which You are a party. In our circumstances, the agreement constitutes the regulations concerning the provision of a specific service. Therefore, if we execute with You an agreement on the provision of a specific service. Your data may be processed only with extent necessary to perform an agreement. If you open a client account with us, by an agreement on the delivery of such account we are authorized to process the data that will prove necessary to ensure it (e.g. the data specified in your account profile). Without this option, we would not be able to provide you with the services and You would not be able to use it.2. A need to process the data for the purposes specified by legally reasonable interest realised by the administrator or the third party. The following basis for processing the data concerns the circumstances where their processing proves reasonable due to our justified needs which includes, among other things, a need to ensure a security of the service (e.g. checking whether an unauthorised person does not log into your account), improve our services and tailor them to expectations and convenience of users (e.g. personalisation of content in services) as well as to conduct marketing activities and promote services provided by the Administrator and its affiliates.3. Voluntary consent. It is required mainly with regard to marketing services. In order to show ads that may come to your interest (e.g. a product that you may need), ad providers and their representatives need to have an option to process Your personal data. Granting such consent is completely voluntary and you do not need to grant it if you do not wish to. You may also limit the scope or change a consent at any time. Your other rights under a consent are specified below. With regard to the services we provide, your data will be provided only if we or any other data processor holds legal grounds governed under the GDPR and only for the purpose adjusted to these grounds, in compliance with the following information. Your data will be processed as long as there exist the grounds to process the data, i.e. if a consent has been granted until the date of its revocation, limitation or undertaking any other actions on your part to restrict this consent; and if the data prove necessary to perform an agreement, during its term; and, if the data are processed based upon a reasonable interest of the data Administrator, as long as such reasonable interest exists


SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski , with its registered office in ul. Jęczmienna 44, Karbowo, 87-300 Brodnica, Poland is an administrator of your personal data.
Disclosure of Data.
Your data will be processed by SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski and its affiliates, following your relevant consent; however, the data may be also disclosed to be processed by third parties. In these circumstances, by the disclosure of data, their recipient is not authorised to use them freely, but to use them for the purposes explicitly specified by an indicated affiliate of SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski. The data are in general disclosed upon consultation with a subcontractor (e.g. a marketing agency) or a service provider (e.g. a provider of data storage services). Due to the foregoing, we may, for example, better select most interesting and cheapest offers adjusted to your needs. In any case, by the disclosure of data, the disclosing party is not released from liability for their processing. The data may be also disclosed to public authorities, if authorised under applicable laws and regulations and a relevant request is produced, but not in any other circumstances.


On our websites and in our applications we use technologies like cookies, local storage and similar technologies used to collect and process personal data and operational data in order to personalize the disclosed content and ads and to analyse traffic on our websites. This is how these technologies are also used by affiliates of SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski which also want to place their ads best tailored to your preferences. Cookies are IT data recorded in files and stored on your terminal device (i.e. your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), which the search engine transmits to the server each time you visit the website from such device when you visit various websites on the Internet.

Your Rights.

Under the GDPR, you have the SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski and its affiliates.

If you have granted a consent for your data be processed, you may withdraw it at any time through forwarding a relevant request at: hello@sfd-craft.com

You also have a right to request access to Your personal data, explain the data, delete them or restrict their processing, and a right to transfer the data, raise an objection to processing the data and to file a complaint with the surveillance authority, the Inspector General for Protection of Personal Data (GIODO). You hold the above specified rights also in the data are duly processed by the Administrator.


If you desire to agree for SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski and its affiliates to process Your personal data collected in connection with Your using the websites and applications owned by SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski and its affiliates for marketing purposes (including necessary analytical activities and listing in marketing profiles on the basis of your activities on websites), including their processing in cookies files, etc. installed on Your devices and read from the files by SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski and its affiliates, you can easily grant your consent when closing this window. If you do not want to grant such consent or if you desire to limit the scope of such consent, please forward your request at biuro@meble-sfd.com Granting a consent is voluntary. You can edit, at any time whatsoever, your preferences in the area of consent granted. This is also hereby to inform you that the affiliates of SFD MEBLE Artur Przedzienkowski will process, with regard to the internet services provided thereby, Your data for their own marketing purposes that are described in detail hereinabove based upon their legally proven interest.

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