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Just to let you know, SFD is open. Click here to find out more how now deliveries are carried out.

Just to let you know, SFD is open. Click here to find out more how now deliveries are carried out. #stayhome #staysafe.

Custom Furniture? What does it mean?

by | Aug 20, 2019 | Design, Furniture

I’m pretty sure you’ve often heard the term – Custom Furniture. Below we would like to explain what this really means for us – for the SFD brand.

In everything we do we stick to a coherent idea – to create a timeless product with a stunning design, respecting the environment. For this purpose, we use only strictly selected solid wood, which we protect with eco – oils. Coatings covering metal parts are also environmentally friendly. All furniture is hand-made by incredibly talented craftsmen – people full of passion, who really enjoy their work. Most importantly, it is not mass production – we approach each order individually. If you need to change something in a design, just let us know – we want you to feel like someone special.

That’s how we understand the Custom Furniture, and for us it’s more than just a compilation of two popular words.

And …

this is all giving us a sense and thrust of our work.

I hope you think the same way

Custom Furniture from SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign:

Specially selected unique materials (certified wood)

In harmony with nature (we use oly eco-friendly oils and paints)

Furniture produced by experienced craftsmen with great skills and passion

Natural wood features such as rings, knots, shade variations etc.

Your needs are most important to us. We are focused to understand your individual expectations

Every piece is a story… (NOT mass production)

Artur Bienko

SFD Skandinavisk Möbeldesign



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